Michigan Marine Veteran Told He Can Have Guns or Grandchild, Not Both

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A lawsuit was filed on July 17  that alleged a county judge and Michigan Health and Human Services caseworkers told a Michigan Marine veteran that he had to surrender his gun rights in order to foster his own grandchild. And that demand was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

William Johnson is a 100% disabled US Marine veteran. His wife Jill owns a tackle shop. They live in Ontonagon, Michigan. When they were asked to foster their own grandchild, they went to pick him up at the MDHHS.  That’s when things got messy.

When they entered the building, they were searched. The employees demanded to see Mr. Johnson’s Concealed Carry permit, even though he was not carrying a gun at the time. The caseworkers also demanded all the serial numbers of all of his weapons, including shotguns and rifles. They told Johnson they had “big concerns” over his exercising his 2nd Amendment rights and carrying a firearm. The complaint states there is “no history to warrant such concerns.”

Two weeks later, they appeared in Gogebic County court to have the child formally placed with them. The judge told them they would have to comply with the firearms regulations or lose their grandchild.

“We know we are violating numerous constitutional rights here, but if you do not comply, we will remove the boy from your home.”

Fox reported,

Michigan requires that anyone who wants to be a foster parent must register his handguns with the state as well as keep the guns unloaded and locked in a safe separate from the ammunition. Foster parents in states like Nevada and Oklahoma have challenged similar laws in recent years after being denied foster children over their legally owned firearms. The case against MDHHS also features plaintiffs Brian and Naomi Mason, who said the gun regulations keep them from becoming foster parents.

Part of the complaint reads,

The Second Amendment Foundation, based out of Washington State is also listed as a plaintiff. Both the Johnsons and the Masons are members of that group.

Willful violation of the Constitution by any state is egregious, and liberal states are notorious for such violations. The liberal mindset that foster parents shouldn’t be allowed to own firearms is ridiculous. While these people are not against keeping the firearms safe from children, they are alleging that the state of Michigan is not just violating the Second Amendment, but the 14th as well by denying them equal protection under the law.

I grew up with loaded weapons all over the house. A loaded shotgun hung over the front door. Dad kept loaded handguns in both the kitchen and bedroom. There were 250 guns in a collection in our basement, including ammo. The rule in our house as I grew up was “Don’t touch. Guns are not toys.” Today’s world is a different place.





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