Michigan Marine Faces Felony Charges for Defending His Family

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A Marine who defends the United States from foreign enemies has not been allowed to defend his own family from domestic enemies. In Westland, Michigan, active duty Marine Joey Nelson,28,  was at home with his fiancee, his 3 week old baby, and two friends, when a man began pounding violently on the door. As the man opened fire into the house, the Marine was shot in the hip, but returned fire. He is charged with Assault with Intent to Murder, while the attacker was only charged with carrying a concealed weapon.

The Incident

Screenshot of Michael Wilson via Fox2

According to Fox 2 Detroit:

Westland police say the man outside was 39-year-old Michael Wilson of Detroit.

“I don’t know (who he is); my son doesn’t know him; the owner of the home doesn’t know him,” says Steve.

Cracking the door frame, the family says Joey grabbed his gun and yelled for Wilson to leave.

“He opened up the door because he was standing here in the yard,” Steve says. “(Joey) told him to get off his property and at that time (Wilson) produced a gun and started shooting at my son.”

Joey’s family says the young Marine was shot in the hip before calling 911 and telling everyone to get downstairs. Joey fired back at Wilson, who they say took off as police arrived.

When Fox2 reporter Erika Erickson noted the number of bullet holes in the house, Steve Nelson, Joey’s Father, responded,

“Yes ma’am, there are quite a few. This gentleman was not here for coffee.”

While this is a complete travesty of justice, Michigan is noted for having messed up the Castle Doctrine several years ago.

Michigan Live reported,

“What that means in practical terms, legal experts say: Gun owners are on legally solid ground if they turn their weapon on someone who, say, has broken into their home or is trying to rob their business.

But if the suspected thief or attacker is outside the building, different rules take over…”

In other words, according to Michigan law, since the intruder had not actually entered the house, Joey Nelson was under different legal “rules.”

Imminent danger didn’t count

The problem is, it is obvious that his life and the lives of the occupants were in imminent danger – he was shot in the hip. The man shot multiple bullets into the home. Joey Nelson now faces several felony charges and a bond of $150,000, while the attacker only got a $5,000 bond for Carrying a Concealed Weapon.  Kori Willhite, 24 was arrested for disguising her identification to a police officer and possession of improper prescription drugs with a bond of $50,000. Nelson and Wilson are scheduled to appear  on January 18, while Willhite is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan 16.

Police say that the gunfight was over a woman inside the home, yet the family says that Joey did not know him.  So to be clear, anyone associated with Marine Joseph Nelson is more of a criminal than the criminal who shot into the home.

 “This man out here in the front yard fired multiple shots into a house with multiple people inside and a 3-week-old baby. Simple. And he’s (only) charged with concealing a weapon illegally?” Steve Nelson


The Gateway Pundit publshed the numbers for both the prosecutor and police chief:

You can reach the Wayne County District Attorney Kym Worthy at (313) 224-5777.

You can reach Westland police chief Jeff Jedrusik at 734-722-9600.

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    Max Thurman: Hey genius, Oklahoma is damn sure NOT a “backwards state” where gun laws and citizens’ rights to defend themselves are concerned. Do a little research before making such ignorant, asinine comments.

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