Michigan Gun Bills – Can They Pass?

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Both houses in Michigan are Republican controlled, but the Governor is a Democrat. There are a plethora of Michigan gun bills sitting before their House of Representatives…the question is, can they pass and if so, will their Governor sign them? One of them is Constitutional Carry, or the elimination of concealed carry permits. The first bills taken up in committee had to do with decriminalizing carrying a weapon with an expired license, and being allowed to carry a loaded rifle on an off-road vehicle.

Michigan Republicans say that it’s a priority this legislative session to boost the Second Amendment in their state. Many of the Michigan gun bills that were left over from the 2017-2018 session have been reintroduced. Firearms must be registered in the state of Michigan, for which the House Speaker Lee Chatfield introduced HB 4554 in 2017 in an effort to remove that regulation. It did not pass. Others have been reintroduced.

Michigan made it a felony to allow a concealed weapon license to expire. Seriously – a paperwork issue could garner you a felony if you simply forgot to get it renewed. HB 4434 would change the penalty from felony to a civil fine. Better a civil fine than going to prison for having a brain fart, but the fine in the first place is still an infringement on the second amendment.

HB 4029 would allow Constitutional Carry- which simply means a person would not need a permit to carry a firearm or hunting knife. The Michigan State police released a statement that they are opposed to this bill. Currently persons over 21 may obtain a concealed carry permit if they pass both a background check and take a safety course.

HB 4026 would allow concealed license holders to carry in a gun free zone – places such as “schools, churches, day care centers, bars, dormitories and stadiums,” according to Michigan Live.

HB 4097 would allow retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed in gun free zones. There are actually a couple of Democrats sponsoring this bill.

HB 4021 creates a lifetime concealed carry license, which would not require the holder to appear in person for a replacement. It could be mailed to them.

HB 4331 allows residents to transport a loaded rifle in their off road vehicle “under certain circumstances.” Hunters must be hopeful that this will pass, because trying to load your weapon when there’s a deer standing in front of your ATV is plain stupid. It is suspected that some citizens probably ignored the current law requiring unloaded weapons in off-road vehicles, or any other vehicle for that matter.

There are several other gun bills, attempts to remove fees or decriminalizing the penalties for various offenses that could cause a person to become a felon. The Republicans sponsoring these bills are simply trying to unwind the chokehold that anti-gunners have held over the Second Amendment in Michigan. Some bills are better than others, and some do more for the 2A than others, but will any of them pass? And will they pass with votes enough to override a veto?

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