Michigan Democrat Charged with Six Felonies in Election Meddling Case

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Sherikia Hawkins, 38,  is the city clerk for Southfield, Michigan. She was honored with the Dingell/Levin Award by the Democrats at their Legacy Dinner on May 18.  The Michigan Democrat was arrested for allegedly forging records and falsely marking absentee ballots as invalid. She was released on a $15,000 bond. Her next appearance will be Sept 30. (Fox)

Michigan Democrat charged

The Michigan Attorney General’s Office released a statement which reads in part:

“The charges, which stem from the Nov. 6, 2018, general election, are as follows:

  • Count One. Election Law – Falsifying Returns/Records, a five-year felony and/or $1,000;
  • Count Two. Forgery of a Public Record, a 14-year felony;
  • Count Three.  Misconduct in Office, a five-year felony and/or $10,000;
  • Count Four.  Using a Computer to Commit a Crime – Election Law – Falsifying Returns/Records, a seven-year felony and/or $5,000;
  • Count Five.  Using a Computer to Commit a Crime – Forgery of a Public Record, a 10-year felony and/or $10,000;
  •  Count Six.  Using a Computer to Commit a Crime – Misconduct in Office, a seven-year felony and/or $5,000.

“When we took office, both Secretary Benson and I committed to doing everything in our power to make sure that Michigan’s elections were safe from every conceivable threat,” said Nessel.  “That commitment – made to the people of this state – includes taking swift and decisive action when a public official fails to fulfill the important role that he or she plays in protecting the integrity of our elections.”

Discrepancies in the Southfield voter count were brought to the Secretary of State’s attention by the Oakland County Clerk’s office following its efforts to certify Southfield’s absentee ballots.  Michigan State Police conducted a thorough investigation and determined that election records had been altered.”

Absentee ballots (193 of them) were marked as invalid for lack of signature or dates, but they were found to be correct and had no discrepancies in the post-election audit.

The Detroit Free Press reported:

“It appeared from the report that the ballot return dates for voters were added or removed from the report in order to force the reports to balance to the number of ballots tabulated for each precinct on Election Night,” the affidavit said.

When Oakland County asked for ballot reports from Southfield, “it appeared that Hawkins had switched out her original reports with the altered reports.”

Michigan officials emphatically stated that the alterations did not affect the outcome of the elections in 2018.

Hawkins also was honored by a local newspaper in 2017 while city clerk of Pontiac, Michigan.

Featured photo of Michigan Democrat Sherikia Hawkins via Michigan State Police.


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  • USJoeFreedom

    To some of that election fraud that the Democrats keep telling us does not exist… Exist and it’s on a huge scale between people who do things like this in the illegals voting in our elections there are millions of invalid votes.


    “Michigan officials emphatically stated that the alterations did not affect the outcome of the elections in 2018.”

    Not really true now is that? It may have not changed who was elected, but it would have certainly changed the margins.

    • Peter Johnson

      Yup.. it either made the margin bigger or closer depending on who won and who’s votes were invalidated.

  • Tim Pedden

    Prison Time

  • Dick Shackleton

    Just another case of liberal scumbag Democrat corruption in politics, oh and that’s why we have puss bag Evers as the governor of Wisconsin is just an extension of that trash

  • Lefists arent human

    She deserves to be fighting off lonely inmates in the prison shower.

  • Deb

    Remove her for a prison cell. It doesn’t matter if it didn’t change the outcome. If she robbed a bank, would it be ok because the bank still had money? That is indefensible…..

    • Mike barreras

      Bet she won’t do a day in jail she’s demorat

  • Dean Kates

    I can’t recall hearing of a case against republicans. Are we just the adults in the room? Scary thought.

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