Michael White – Navy Vet Sentenced to 10 years in Iranian Prison

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Thirteen year Navy veteran Michael White was sentenced to 2 years in an Iranian Prison for “insulting” the Ayatollah, and 10 years for posting a private photo. The sentences appeared to run concurrently. He went to Iran to visit his girlfriend, as we previously reported.

According to Michael White’s mother, Joanna, he suffers from a form of cancer that requires continual medical treatment. He had a chemotherapy treatment before being arrested in Iran. He has been detained there since July. She fears his health is failing.

Mark Zaid, White’s attorney, learned about the sentence from the US State Department, who learned about it from the Swiss government. The Swiss represent US interests in Iran. Efforts to get Mr. White released will likely be difficult. But not impossible.

Iran is known to imprison Americans – particularly dual-nationals – as bargaining chips. There are several other Americans that have been held there: Siamak Namazi, his father Baquer Namazi, and Xiyue Wang. Robert Levinson disappeared in 2007, and Iran denies any knowledge of his imprisonment or location.

The current government of Iran under the rigid watch of the Islamic regime is one of the largest sponsors of terrorism in the world. The Trump administration removed itself from the “nuclear deal” that Iran was not adhering to anyway, and reinstated sanctions.

It took bribery of the maximum kind to get them to release 3 previous US citizens from prison in 2016: Amir Hekmati (Marine veteran), Jason Rezaian, Saeed Abedini. The US paid Iran a minimum of $400 million – though the Obama administration claimed it wasn’t a ransom payoff, it was money that should not have gone to the Islamic regime.

Bribery to those who shout “Death to America” is not going to happen under the Trump administration.

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