Miami Beach Commissioner – Deliberately Infect First Responders with COVID-19

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There are some liberals…wait most liberals… that have not one shred of common sense anywhere in their bodies. Ricky Arriola, Miami Beach Commissioner, is one such individual. The Miami New Times reported that on March 13, he suggested that first responders be deliberately infected with COVID-19- the Coronavirus. So they can “get immunity.” He thinks first responders should “take one for the team.” Like they don’t do that already every day.

Are there any doctors in the audience? (silence) I don’t know. ‘Cause I’ve reached out to a couple of doctor friends to confirm. I don’t know yet, but I’ve been trying to research and no one’s answered the question: Do you develop — once you have the coronavirus, assuming you make it through — do you have immunity? Some doctors have told me yes.

To the extent that that is true, might we start thinking about — it’s dangerous but bold — it’s like a chickenpox, thank you, with our first responders voluntarily taking one for the team, going through the two weeks — guys, we’ve got to be serious about this — and then developing the immunity? … It is our job to think boldly, and we’ve got to start thinking about this.

Ricky Arriola, Miami Beach Commissioner

 Pay close attention to the “assuming you make it through” part. He thinks his idea is “bold.”

Mr. Arriola responded to the uproar he caused by saying that the comment was taken out of context.

No, it wasn’t “taken out of context” Mr. Arriola. One Twitter user called him on his ridiculous idea:

“The Chief Medical Officer of the UK is not recommending that people deliberately get exposed. As it is, the CMO’s statements have been heavily criticized by experts in the UK, US, and Asia, who recommend social distancing to slow down infections to protect hospital capacity.” @lexnyc1

The Chief Medical Officer of the UK, Sir Patrick Vallance, holds the theory that “herd immunity” can be used to protect people. The difficulty is that it is totally unknown whether people get immunity once they have contracted the virus – in fact, some people have actually tested positive twice for it.

The National Fraternal Order of Police had something to say about this Miami Beach Commissioner  and his hair brained idea as they posted the video of his statement:

**Watch! As we have a police officer in Texas in critical condition, fighting for his life, from contracting the coronavirus, City of Miami Beach Commissioner Ricky Arriola suggests we purposely infect first responders with the virus.

Let us assure you, there is nothing bold about intentionally infecting human beings with a pandemic just because of who they are. Police Officers “take one for the team” everyday commissioner. Purposely harming us and our families with your idiotic idea is not what anyone expects of our elected officials. The entire first responder community deserves an apology for your disgusting and dangerous remarks. #Coronavirus #Covid19

There are two first responders in different cities currently fighting for their lives in critical condition from the virus- one firefighter in San Jose and one police officer in Texas, although Fox26 did not mention it was a police officer. Several other firefighters in San Jose and some of their family members have also tested positive for COVID-19.

Ricky Arriola told the Miami New Times,

“What are we gonna do in the event that our first responders start getting either exposure to the virus or catch the virus and we lose 25 percent, 50 percent of our first responders?” he posits. “If we’re in a state of curfew or martial law and we have 50 percent of our first responders, what do we do?”

That’s why, according to the commissioner, it might make sense to expose willing first responders to the virus in a controlled setting with medical supervision.

Miami’s Mayor has tested positive for COVID-19, but has virtually no symptoms.

Panic is not an answer to this virus. Some people end up in the hospital in critical condition. Others are virtually symptom free.

Mr. Arriola says he would volunteer…let’s have him be the guinea pig.

Featured photo: screenshot via National Fraternal Order of Police


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  • Walden Pond

    In todays world.. can we believe anything the media tells us? NOPE… is this even real? Who PERSONALLY knows somebody that is actually sick with this bug. My brother in law died a few weeks ago with a strange pneumonia just 3 miles from Travis AFB, where they are taking many of these people off the cruise ships. Was it Corona or the flu or something else..we will never know because he was not tested. I don’t know what to believe. The media lies to us 24/7. They certainly have not reformed their ways in a few short days, no way no how will I believe that. Are we in the verge of a deep state active coup? Or is it just the opposite.. as the ‘Q’ sters believe… while they sit back ‘TRUSTING THE PLAN’ waiting on their fat asses… doing absolutely nothing, hoping that some imaginary guy named ‘Q’ is going to save the planet from evil. What’s to believe in todays world? The only thing you can believe is..the sun will be up tomorrow and will go down 12 hrs or so after that… you might be able to believe the gas guage in your car.. oil prices are fake of course… they go down to pacify the masses and go up to make you tense. And now here we are.. wondering…. wondering what tomorrow will bring… death and mayhem.. or worse? Good luck to everybody.. BUY BULLETS… the time will come and you might have to be brave and actually use them.. lets hope not… sooner or later we have to take our world back. Unfortunately I believe that time will be sooner than later.

    • Cauthon

      The idea of intentionally getting infected with the virus is a little like some ideas from science fiction; in Ender’s game, somebody came up with the idea of intentionally taking a hit from a weapon that would paralyze the part of the body that it affected, with the plan being that having been hit once, the fighter would be unaffected by being hit there again. It made a fun story, but the tactic did not make sense even in the context of the story, because a person who did not use that plan would be fully functional until hit the first time, and no worse off after being hit with that weapon in combat than if they had done it intentionally. Sorry about the long explanation, but I think it is interesting that science fiction writers have invented tactics like that long ago, and we have had time to see the problems with doing that. As noted, we do not even know so far whether anyone can ever develop immunity to this new virus, even though we have successfully done that with other diseases; it would be interesting to know whether the people who allegedly have been tested twice as being infected with the C19 ever passed through a time when they did not have the virus in their bodies, i.e., did they recover and become re-infected, or are they still carriers after a long period of being free of symptoms?? And, if we do not infect people intentionally, some may be infected unintentionally and achieve the desired effect (if possible) and others may not ever become infected and thereby remain fully functional throughout.

    • Cauthon

      Does anybody know where the “Q” came from? Perhaps from the characters in some of the Star Trek who were called “Q”?? In which case, are the “Q” people intentionally playing off the fiction just for fun, or is the origin lost in the deeps of time and just running on auto pilot?? 🙂 Probably makes about as much sense as other imaginary beings, such as moderate Democrats. 🙂

  • C.U. Farley

    Obviously the village idiot got a job on the town counsel! You don’t deliberately infect people as a way to “control” the virus. It’s like Politicians have no knowledge about something yet are posing ideas that are so far from a good idea that it’s as bad as the problem we have, only this twerp wants to make it worse and deliberately infect people! What a complete imbecile!!

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