Mexico Shuts Down Migrant Caravan? Sort of.

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Late Monday, Breitbart reported that Adolfo Flores, the Buzzfeed reporter embedded with the migrant caravan, said that Mexico has reportedly shut it down…sort of. We previously reported the caravan here. They claim their action wasn’t from President Trump’s recent complaints.

The President threatened to dump NAFTA, and stop aid to Honduras if the caravan wasn’t stopped. He also said that until the wall gets built, the military would be manning the border along with the CBP- Border Patrol according to Breitbart.

In fact, the Mexican government may not have shut down the caravan entirely- they may have just tweaked their response a bit to make it appear as if they did.

A few of the caravan members hopped aboard “The Beast” – the train the goes from Mexico to the United States. ABC News noted that some of the migrants may continue to Mexico City, where making a claim of asylum is easier.

Featured Photo: Twitter via Buzzfeed reporter @aflores

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