Mexico Murders – Nine Americans, Including Children, Dead

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Mexico murders – nine Americans, including children, from the La Mora religious community  were murdered when rival cartels engaged in a shootout. There are conflicting reports as to whether the family was a case of “mistaken identity” or specifically targeted. The group has received threats previously, and a relative, Benjamin Lebaron, was murdered in 2009.

The incident occurred near the town of Bavispe in the Mexico state of Sonora, after one of the group’s SUVs had a flat tire.

Kidnapping and murder

Three American mothers, and six of their children were slaughtered in the incident. Seven more children were wounded in the shootout and transferred to a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.

The La Mora religious community is an offshoot of the Mormon church that has lived in the area for decades. All of the members have dual American-Mexican citizenship.

The family was travelling in a convoy of three SUVs, when one SUV got a flat tire. The mother drove back to the community, and then back to the SUVs when her vehicle was torched.

Daily Mail reported (pictures):

Family members say Rhonita Maria LeBaron was driving to Phoenix on Monday with her four children to pick up her husband at the airport following his work trip. 

Relatives told that her car broke down after she blew a tire. She returned to their community to get another car and set off again shortly before the other two mothers left.  

Gunmen opened fire and torched her vehicle causing the gas tank to explode. She was killed along with her twin six-month-old babies, Titus and Tiana, her 10-year-old daughter Krystal and 12-year-old son Howard. 

Christina Langford Johnson, 29, Dawna Ray Langford, 43, and two of Dawna’s children, Trevor, 11, and Rogan, 3, were killed traveling in the two the other SUVs.  

Family members say Christina saved her seven-month-old baby Faith’s life by throwing the infant to the floor of their SUV as bullets tore through the vehicle. Relatives say the baby had been in the back of the car all day before she was found.  

Seven of Dawna’s children survived but suffered multiple gunshot wounds, according to relatives.  

An infuriated President Trump declared war on the  cartels, and tweeted that if the Mexican president requested it, we’d help in the war. The Mexican President stated that was not going to happen because they’d “declared war before” and it wasn’t productive.

‘Productive’ is relative: There were 35,000 murders attributed to the cartels in 2018 (PBS), and the number continues to climb every year. While once the cartels would leave the children unharmed, they are now killing the children as well as the women.  So the Mexico murders just continue? Some members of the family stated they received no help from Mexican authorities.

There is a reason why President Trump wants the cartels to be “wiped off the face of the earth.”

Featured photo: Screenshot via AZ Central on Twitter from family photos released on Facebook


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  • kekistani terrorist

    A war wont happen, considering Mexico fully allows the cartel to do as they wish since it is probably one of the best sources of revenue the country has… so in my opinion, we either actually do declare war, kill em all, annex the country for ourselves, or continue building the wall, add auto minigun turrets and line it with claymores.

  • barry parker

    the united states should annex mexico and kill the cartels, most of the money made in the united states gets sent to mexico anyways.

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