Messing with Israelis can be hazardous to your health- Video

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Messing with Israelis can be hazardous to your health

Very few of these Palestinian stabbers who have attacked Israelis have survived their killing sprees.  But one incident we reported on yesterday is particularly stunning: the Jewish man who was stabbed in the neck managed to yank the knife out and then stab the attacker – to death.


Yonatan Azarihab from his hospital bed- “Everybody imagines it could happen” – Screenshot from BIN

Fighting back

Yonatan Azarihab, 40, is an “Ultra-Orthodox” Jew. He walked into a Wine Shop on Tuesday afternoon, not knowing he was being followed by a Palestinian man who was ready to pounce. He was collecting money for a charity at the time.

The man stabbed Azarihab multiple times in what police are calling a “frenzied attack.” But it didn’t stop him, he yanked the knife out of his neck and left the store. But when he saw that the storekeeper was struggling with the terrorist, he went back into the store and used the knife to stab the assailant before he could stab anyone else. The terrorist died within minutes.

Azarihab is in stable condition after the incident.

WATCH: A true Israeli hero – after being stabbed, he pulled the knife out of his neck and killed the terrorist with it before anyone else could be attacked.The message is loud and clear – DON’T MESS WITH ISRAEL.—-> Take action and defend Israel against Palestinian terror. Add your name at

Posted by The Israel Project on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

“I thought this was it . . . But then I pulled myself together. I understood it was a terrorist and that I had to fight him to keep him from killing me and other people…
I thought this was my last day, but I was given my life as a gift, pure and simple. If God hadn’t wanted me to be here, I wouldn’t be here.” Yonatan Azarihab


Israel has a law that obligates citizens to stop an attacker or “rodef” (pursuer). In the case of the Army veteran who was killed, a man with a guitar pursued the attacker until police could shoot him.

Many Israelis have died in these waves of terror that Palestinians have brought upon them. Tuesday alone has three stabbing attacks across Israel, and Wednesday morning more. Fatah’s Mahmoud Abbas has lauded the actions of the stabbers. Hamas has praised the stabbers as martyrs. Wherever Israelis go in their own country, they are in danger of being stabbed.

But the bare fact is, as Azarihab demonstrated, doing it is definitely hazardous to your health.

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