“Messiah of Islam” lays siege to Australian Restaurant (videos)

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A man who called himself the “messiah of Islam” and armed with knives, scissors and a meat cleaver lunged at police, then barricaded himself in a Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia just before 1 p.m. on Tuesday.

Restaurant staff were forced to flee as the man ran into the LaTrobe Street Malaysian cafe called “Little Ipoh” and began throwing furniture around. Then he climbed to the second floor and broke out the window glass with a meat cleaver.


“My mum, my missus, my people!” he shouted. The police negotiated with him for two hours. Police stated that no officers were hurt during the incident, which saw partially eaten fruit thrown at police, and broken glass shoved out the window.

The Guardian reported,

Police carrying shields and armed with guns negotiated from the street with the man at a second storey window as he threw fruit at them.

It was not known what caused the incident, but police were called to the restaurant after reports that a man clutching a knife and fork was arguing with staff.

The man charged at police with a meat cleaver before they tried to subdue him with capsicum spray.

He fled into the restaurant and barricaded himself inside.

Not religiously motivated

Two hours later, the standoff had ended, and the man was in custody. Police said the incident was not politically or religiously motivated, and they referred to it as a case of mental problems. The police spokesman said that no officers were injured in the stand off.

Some on Twitter were upset that the police ruled it wasn’t religiously motivated. But let’s face it, wackos in any version are still wackos. The “messiah of Islam,” eh? He flunked that role by using the meat cleaver only on the window. Just sayin’.



Police negotiating with the suspect

Here is the police news conference about the incident

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