Merry Christmas..Er…Take Those Lights Down!

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Merry Christmas…or not… in Mesa, Arizona where yet another HOA has demanded residents take down whatever-the-heck they’ve put up to cheer themselves and others at Christmas.

merry christmas

Screenshot – take those lights down!

Too tightly wrapped over potential damage to the condos

The Home Owner’s Association’s new board members took a hardened line against any Christmas decorations in an East Mesa Condominium because it  might damage the exterior of the condos. So they told residents – just a few days before Christmas- that they had to take down their decorations. Oh, go get a paintbrush, you Scrooges.

The HOA gave them 10 days to follow their instructions. Since they did this 3 days before Christmas… calculating. 1-2-3…plus 7. Ask me, how long do people leave them up? They should have left them up till the last minute. By the time they would have taken them down, Christmas would be over. Geez.

ABC wrote,

Letters addressed to individual residents threatened fines, even legal action over the lights, and other hung decorations.

“First of all, when I got the letter, I called the director of the association and I said, ‘are you kidding me?'” said Rector.

The HOA was as serious as the Ghost of Christmas Past.

The rules forbid attaching things to the outside of the condos.

“They can actually put a lien against the property if you don’t meet HOA guidelines,” said resident Austin Bennett, who also received a letter.


Colorless Christmas for this neighborhood

The trend in our nation at this point in time is to create a colorless, odorless, bland society that never offends,  never does anything fun. Booorrrring. You have to walk on eggshells and never say anything to anyone for fear of offending them. And you can’t even hang strings of Christmas lights. These asses would hate my neighborhood. Everyone has a string of lights somewhere.

My recommendation is to never ever buy a Condo. Ever. And even houses in neighborhoods with an HOA should be avoided like the plague. If all the neighbors in these cold dark places would stand up and say “shove it!” maybe something would change.But as long as there are Grinches, there will be no joy in Whoville… or Mesa, Arizona.

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