Meridian, Idaho Arrest of Mom in Front of Kids at Park Sparks Protests

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Even people in conservative Idaho are balking at the stay-at-home orders of their governor.  A 40 year old mother named Sara Brady was arrested at Kleiner Park in Meridian, Idaho on April 21 for trespassing after she refused to leave the park with the other people that were there as a organized protest. (The Blaze)

There were other areas of the park that were open, apparently. But the parents took their children to the playground area, which the city closed due to the virus. They reportedly tore down the sign and police tape showing that part of the park was closed and went in anyway.

Screenshot via Conservative Firing Line


In the videos you can hear people argue that the park is a public park, which it certainly is.

Meridian Police released this statement, which read, in part:

“After receiving several calls to Ada County Dispatch, Meridian Police responded to Kleiner Park on April 21 2020 at around 3:50PM. Upon arrival, officers saw that metal signage and caution tape announcing the playground closure due to COVID-19, was removed.

Additionally, officers observed numerous individuals gathered on the closed playground area. Officers informed those gathered several times that the play structure was closed, and that they were welcome to utilize other areas of the park if they chose. After being told to leave the playground multiple times, forty (40) year old Sarah BRADY of Meridian refused to leave and was arrested for one (1) count misdemeanor trespassing. 
Meridian officers made several attempts to help BRADY adhere to the rules. She was non-compliant and forced officers to place her under arrest to resolve the issue. She was arrested for trespassing.”

Governor Brad Little’s “stay-at-home” order  specifically says that “outdoor activities” are legal.  Kids generally don’t “social distance,” however, especially on playground equipment. Protests are growing across the nation. People don’t like having their freedoms crushed.

Essential activities from the Governor’s order:

(iii). To engage in outdoor activity, provided the individuals comply with Social Distancing Requirements as defined in Section 8.j., such as, by way of example and without limitation, walking, hiking, bicycling, or running

…8.j. For purposes of this order “Social Distancing Requirements” includes maintaining at least six-foot social distancing from other individuals, washing hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds as frequently as possible or using hand sanitizer, covering coughs or sneezes (into the sleeve or elbow, not hands), regularly cleaning high-touch surfaces, and not shaking hands….

…9. The Director requests that the Sheriff and the Chiefs of Police in the State of Idaho, and the Idaho State Police ensure compliance with and enforce this Order. The violation of any provision of this Order constitutes an imminent threat to public health.

Within minutes after the arrest of Sara Brady, a protest erupted at Meridian City Hall, according to Idaho When the news station caught up with Sara, she said she felt singled out by police because no one else was arrested. She said she was not on the playground equipment. She did, however, argue with police, which you can hear in the videos above. She stated that she may have asked “too many questions.”

Screenshot via cbs2

The incident quickly went viral nationwide. Based on the Governor’s order that violations were an “imminent threat to public health,” Meridian police likely felt backed into a corner and had to make a choice. Wasn’t the best one, judging from the uproar.

Featured photo: Screenshot via cbs2 of protest at Meridian city hall


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  • Robert Densmore

    She had all rights our constitution is the law no matter what the situation. Our rights are our rights. And as a patriot I would have done the same thing.
    These people in power dont have the power to over to change or amend the constitution. When they put their had on the bible and took the their sworn oath to uphold the constitution of the United States and their state/commonwealth.
    These governors and Congress have infringed on we the peoples constitutional rights.
    These governors and the Congress and public safety officials work for us and they must be reminded of it. The fact her husband is an officer of the law I’m sure hes not happy with what happened and in all hopes he supports his wife the whole way as he took the same oath.
    If this crap doesn’t stop your going to see the next revolutionary war a siege for the American people to take back what rightfully ours.

    • Ron

      Tell this to Trump!!!

  • Douglas

    This is full-blown bat-shit crazy. Arresting a MOTHER, for pity’s sake, for taking her CHILDREN to the park to play.

    The Meridian cops should have used discretion and simply, if it was THAT important to interfere at all, to ask her to gather up the kids and depart.

    The good folk of Meridian should demand the resignations of the Mayor, City Council, the Police Chief, and all officers involved both at the scene and in the chain of command. This is sheer fascism and utter stupidity.

  • james

    She was arrested for trespassing. How does one trespass on public property? It does not belong to the city. Public property belongs to the people.

  • Leda

    I agree that we have Freedoms. Freedoms that the United States were built upon.
    With that said!
    Laws have been made to tell us what we can own and what we can do in our own homes and property!! This is the travesty!!!
    The police and elected officials have been enforcing those laws. You have to look at yourselves when this happens. You can not have it both ways.
    If you are wanting the government to pass more laws to tell everyone what they can say, think, wear, look and own; then don’t think you can do what ever you want when it suits you and then yell FREEDOM!!

    IT IS A PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE. If you spread this to people through this and then come back and SUE! because they were not kept safe from the hazard. This 40yr old woman wants to break the law and then say that the government is taking away her rights.

    Everyone is stuck inside. We are social beings, even when we hate people we seem to still need them around. Being safe in this situation is something that is on each person. Not taking guns, not making end users pay the price for manufacturing of products that are illegal or any of the many hypocrisies that is in the judicial system.

    Use common sense and expect to pay a price for your actions!
    Something that seems to not ever happen anymore. Just look at all the people in Washington DC that have been caught breaking the law and yet they are in power and gaining more.

  • A

    They asked her to leave several times, she chose not to. She also told them to arrest her! Her trespassing at 3p.m. when the park is closed is just the same as trespassing at night when the park is closed. I think the cops did the right thing. Apparently she never had consequences for her actions until now.

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