Men pitch bombs at Joplin police to evade pursuit

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Two men pitched bombs at Joplin police in an effort to evade a pursuit on Monday at about 3:30 a.m.

A police officer pulled over a 2001 white Ford F150 extended cab that was pulling a trailer that had no taillights. The officer spoke with the two men, identified as Keith Wald and Nathan Felton, according to KTTS. As he completed speaking with the men, another Joplin officer arrived to assist.

When the second officer got out of his cruiser,  one of the men in the pickup threw an explosive device toward him that immediately exploded. The truck sped off. Officers initiated a pursuit.

Another explosive device that detonated immediately was thrown at a police car, which caused the officer to lose control and crash into a tree. None of the officers were injured by the devices, and the officer who hit the tree declined medical attention. The officers’ names have not been released.

The chase continued into Cherokee county, Kansas, where officers lost track of the pickup at Highway 400.  A description of the truck was broadcast.

Eventually, police located the truck and trailer inside the Joplin city limits.

According to the Joplin Globe, by Monday afternoon Jasper County Sheriff’s Deputies located the two suspects at a residence outside of Joplin and arrested them. Keith Wald, 34, is from Joplin. Nathan Felton, 22 is from Neosho. They are being charged with 2nd degree assault on law enforcement, armed criminal action, felony resisting arrest, and possession of an unlawful weapon. Their bond is $500,000, with $250,000 required in cash.

These rocket scientists went from a minor traffic violation for not having taillights on their trailer to major felonies in seconds. Brilliant!

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