Memphis Riot after US Marshals Shoot Suspect

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Frayser neighborhood, Memphis, TN – A Memphis riot broke out after US Marshals shot and killed 20 year old Brandon Webber, who allegedly rammed law enforcement vehicles and emerged from his own vehicle with a weapon. The shooting sparked rioting that injured 24 officers and deputies, and at least two journalists…who were not involved in the shooting of Webber.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation noted:

“Preliminary information indicates that at approximately 7 p.m., multiple officers with the United States Marshals Service – Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force encountered a male, wanted on multiple warrants, outside of a home in the 2000 block of Durham Street as he was getting into a vehicle.  While attempting to stop the individual, he reportedly rammed his vehicle into the officers’ vehicles multiple times before exiting with a weapon.  The officers fired striking and killing the individual.  No officers were injured. “

The Memphis Riot

Journalist Joyce Peterson tweeted: “Important to note: #Memphis Police were NOT involved in the shooting. TBI says US Marshals are responsible. Marshal Service asked MPD to help with crowd & traffic control. MPD showed up initially WITHOUT riot gear, attempting to avoid looking threatening or intimidating. #wmc5

Showing up without riot gear in an effort to be politically correct may have been a huge mistake, judging from the amount of injuries… although they quickly ended up with shields and batons. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Department and ATF also responded, according to Fox13.

Riots broke out against the Memphis Police/Fire, and even journalists covering the situation. Joyce Peterson noted that looting had begun to occur.

Multiple police cars were vandalized. In this video you can see suspects slamming a chair in to the back of one of them.

One journalist, @LukeJonesTV was knocked to the ground and bruised.

The Mayor of Memphis, Jim Strickland, issued a statement which read in part:

At least 24 officers and deputies were injured—6 were taken to the hospital. At least two journalists were injured. Multiple police cars were vandalized. A concrete wall outside a business was torn down. The windows were broken out at fire station 31.


According to Fox, the crowd began to disperse at around 10 p.m. as rain moved into the city after 15 Memphis police cars were damaged, 3 Shelby county vehicles, as well as five other vehicles from other agencies.

Did Marshals kill the wrong person? Locals demand to know

Speculation that US Marshals shot the wrong person ran rampant, as they often do in situations like this. Brandon Webber was a student at the University of Memphis, and reportedly scored high on his ACT test. He was reportedly a model student. But intelligence and bad behavior are not always opposites. And the Memphis riot is the result of listening to speculations.

The US Marshals office said that the warrants were for shooting a man and stealing his car in Mississippi on June 3.

Memphis, Tennessee was once known for its music, and was once the home of Elvis Presley. Not any more.

Featured photo – screenshot via twitter

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    Where were all they arrest for the people doing the damage? Stop this BS the right way or just let the animals take over and than let those of us that are sick of this take care of it.

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