Memorial Day Protest in Coney Island

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This past Memorial day, America honored her fallen, those men and women that paid the ultimate price for their country. To certain groups of Black Activists this was the perfect time to show disrespect and contempt for our country.

coney island

Twitter photo from Coney Island protest over Memorial Day weekend

Coney Island Boardwalk, NY.  – Black Activists marched and disrupted the memorial day for many people, carrying a banner that read, “Stop Killing Black People.” The the protestors were trying to bring attention to the killing of black people by the police.


Black on Black violence

Let’s take a little tour around the country where we recently reported major violence over the weekend. First stop, Baltimore, MD. In Baltimore over the weekend there was violence again – 28 shootings, 9 fatalities, more added Tuesday morning. None by the police – all Black on Black violence. Next stop, Chicago, IL. Over the Memorial Day weekend there were 9 killed and 36 wounded. These were just two of the major news items today. I’m sure that if you do even a minor search you will find many other instances of violence occurring over the weekend. Again, Black on Black violence.

So these people protesting Blacks killed by cops, completely ignore the bigger issue. for them, it’s really about being oppressed by the “establishment.” All based on lies and half truths. Meanwhile scores of innocent and not so innocent black citizens are being shot and killed… many wounded including small children. But that doesn’t make news. That doesn’t get your 15 “seconds” of fame.

No sympathy, just division

What it does get you is the disgust of many Americans. Those same Americans that honor our fallen are not subject to your complete contempt of society as a whole. You are doing absolutely nothing for your “cause,” nothing! Your entire movement, “Black Lives Matter,” is completely meaningless! If you were protesting in Chicago or Baltimore about the senseless killings that happened and are happening there, then maybe you would have some credence,  not just a sound bite for the local media.

All you are looking for is attention. Guess what? You got it! All of it for the wrong reasons. There are those that are trying to better the lives of their communities. They work very hard to establish good ties with the local law enforcement. Trying to get things set so people can feel safe in their own homes and able to walk their own streets safely.

You, the protesters, have set all that hard work way back! You have erased all the good that has taken place. You have replaced it with distrust. You have made the stereotypes ring true. Unfortunately, this is just human nature. Not all Blacks riot and shoot up their neighborhood,just as not all cops are bad.

Reacting to lies

Which brings up another point, you are reacting to the lies being told and spread that cops are just shooting and killing “black people” without cause and justification. They are just randomly arresting ‘innocent’ people of color just because of their skin color. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Wait, truth. Can’t have that. Truth doesn’t work with your agenda. If you want a war with the cops, you are asking for defeat. Even before you start. The police are not your enemy. You are being led by people that do not have the same agenda as you do. Your “leaders” decry “death to whites,” and you want the world to hear your plea of “Black Lives Matter.” Get real! Not in this lifetime.

All lives matter. Whether you are Black, White, Police, or Military. All Lives Matter. You want to make a difference? You want to see change for the better? Choose a different path. Take your protest to the streets of Chicago and Baltimore with a focus on Black on Black killings. Make “Black Lives matter,” all Black lives. Protest your own killing your own. There are more Blacks killed by Blacks by the widest of margins, no matter what statistical data you use. The facts don’t validate your cause in the slightest.

You are being lied to, driven to anger and destruction just because it’s easy to do. Stop being a Sheeple. Start thinking for yourselves. Make your lives really matter!


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