Melissa Rolfe, Stepmom of Ex-policeman Charged with Murder, Fired From Her Job

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Atlanta, Georgia – Melissa Rolfe is the stepmother of ex-officer Garrett Rolfe, who was charged with Murder in the shooting of Rayshard Brooks. She once worked for Equity Prime Mortgage. That is, until June 18, when they terminated her. (Daily Wire)

Tucker Carlson claimed that the company fired her solely because she was the stepmother of Garrett Rolfe. The company contacted Fox News during a commercial break with a statement that claimed she was fired over social media posts that didn’t mesh with their policies.  Then next statement from the company claimed that she had created a “hostile work enivronment” and made other employees uncomfortable.

So let’s jump back a bit to look at this mess and see what went on.

Garrett Rolfe was charged with murder by DA Paul Howard, as we previously reported. He was charged before the investigation was completed, and the GBI was not notified of the charges until after they had been made. Rayshard Brooks was asleep in his vehicle in the drive-thru at Wendy’s in Atlanta. After a sobriety test was administered and he failed, police started to take him into custody. He began to fight them, and managed to get former officer Devin Brosnan’s taser. From there, the investigation continues to learn exactly how the death transpired. The police narrative is that Brooks turned to fire the taser at Rolfe, and that’s when he was shot.

So Rolfe is charged with murder. Now his stepmother, who was told her job was “safe,” was immediately terminated for the nebulus “creating a hostile work environment”  or “social media posts.”

The statements of Equity Prime gives us a clue:

“Our unwavering commitment to always doing the right thing has led us to sever ties with an employee who has expressed views that do not align with our culture. We do not tolerate racism, discrimination or injustices of any kind. EPM was co-founded by people of color intent on building a better future the best way they knew how, by bringing diverse cultures into the conversation. We view business through an empathetic lens. We care about the communities we serve and the people we employ.

We have intentionally built a team that is reflective of the U.S. population. Not only do we make a concerted effort to ensure Black people are in positions of authority, but we have recently increased overall diversity within our management from 68% to 80%, and we are nowhere near finished.

We are dedicated to building wealth in communities of color that have historically suffered from systemic racism. We recognize the roadblocks these communities face and have and will continue to honor our commitment to removing them. Our efforts have significantly increased loans to Hispanics, Asians, Blacks, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Veterans to enrich their communities.

We owe our successes to our employees who listen generously, speak courageously, and choose positivity. Representation matters, and so do Black Lives. Known to many as Equity Prime Mortgage externally, we thrive by the principle of Empowering People More. We will continue to be a resource and voice to financially empower those we serve and strive to guarantee diversity every step of the way.”

The Bio for Melissa Rolfe, which is now scrubbed from their website, was once described as “glowing.” What did she do? What did she post? The company would only say that it was all her fault because she did something that created a hostile work environment. But as Tucker Carlson suggested, it could have been simply because she was the stepmother of someone the company viewed as “racist.”

Melissa’s stepson was charged with murder by a man who is in a tight race for re-election before the investigation was completed.  Would she have an opinion about that? Very likely. Would she tangle with employees who didn’t like what the police did in that case? Also likely. Was it worth firing her over? Or what about discipling everyone not just firing her? Not in this atmosphere of political correctness, apparently.

Featured photo: Screenshot via The Sun US


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  • John

    Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  • Arthur K Peel

    The officer had every right to defend himself, had he not, and in turn been hit by the taser. What could possibly happened to him. The tides would have surly turned and the officer would have been killed. This over zealous DA needs to be removed from office.

  • Janet

    In the video that I saw, the laser did in fact go off first, and the the police officer shot back. Self defense in this matter, but I still wish the man did not die. Wish he shot for his feet instead, but it happened so quick.

  • Steve

    How can companies get away with this? Fire someone because a family member supposedly broke the law? Can she sue them I wonder? These employers should have to answer at least in writing why they are being terminated. Someone at her office got butt hurts and started crying about it or what. someone that can get that company shutdown should do so.

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