Melbourne- Car Driven by Afghani Rams into Pedestrians

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A white SUV driven by an Afghani deliberately rammed into pedestrians in Melbourne, Australia. Nineteen people were injured, some of them critically. It was not being called a terrorist attack, just a “mentally ill” person.  The man exclaimed that “mistreatment of Muslims” was the motive for the attack, according to the Guardian.

A second man was arrested after he was caught filming the incident and having a bag full of knives. He is not believed to be connected to the incident.  At least that’s the story now. Many do not believe it that the driver acted alone.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported at 11:31 p.m. local time,

  • Police do not believe the driver was motivated by terrorism. The 32-year-old had mental health issues and was known to police in regards to minor traffic offences and a minor assault in 2010
  • 19 people were injured, four are in a critical condition
  • Police believe the driver intentionally drove into the pedestrians
  • A second man, 25, was detained at the scene but police believe it is unlikely he was involved. The driver was in the car alone
  • An off-duty police officer arrested the driver and was injured during a fight with him. The policeman’s actions were described as ‘heroic’ and deserving of special praise
  • The driver and the off-duty police officer received hospital treatment. The driver has not yet been interviewed by police

Many people are not buying the “not a terror attack” narrative:

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