Mayors Against Illegal Guns For Bloomberg – A Look At Their Past

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A group called Mayors Against Illegal Guns backs Michael Bloomberg for President. But in 2013, they seemed to have a problem with alcohol, corruption, child sex crimes (as well as other sex offenses),  and assaulting police. Fifty members of the original MAIG group left- some because they were voted out, some because they were disenchanted with the agenda.

We’ve written about Bloomberg’s attitude toward minorities, you know, the slam-’em-up-against-the-wall attitude. Now we’re getting a picture of this anti-gun group called Mayors Against Illegal Guns. (Name is not particularly accurate either.)

Thanks to Dana Loesch, we have a couple of news media to look at:

“The original focus, I thought, was going to be . . . on better enforcement of our existing laws, and if anything, we have talked about not getting involved with things like banning assault weapons and banning magazine clips… The reason why I joined the group in the first place is because I took the name for what it said — against ‘illegal’ guns.” Former Mayor Lawrence Morrissey, Rockford, IL (New York Post,2013)  

Yes, that’s right, the group’s focus is on banning guns and magazines rather than “illegal guns.” They also published the names of “gun violence victims” that included the name of one of the Boston bombers, as we previously reported. They apologized for that, but it was revealing: the mentality of this group is seriously flawed all the way around. And it’s good that some of its original members left. The name of the group doesn’t match its Bloomberg-driven agenda.

So now we come to some of the Mayors previously involved with this anti-gun organization. Most of the original MAIG members are no longer in office.  Bloomberg firmly touts the support of 100 Democrat mayors across the nation.

Previous members arrested:

The Free Beacon reported in 2013,

“Spring Valley, N.Y., Mayor Noramie Jasmin (D.) was arrested in April for allegedly accepting bribes from an undercover FBI agent as part of a wide-ranging federal corruption probe that netted six New York state politicians.

Democratic Gainesville, Fla., Mayor Craig Lowe was arrested on charges of driving under the influence and property damage after police found him asleep in his car at the scene of a crash in March.

Marcus Hook, Pa., Mayor James Schiliro (R.) was arrested for reckless endangerment and other criminal charges in March after he allegedly fired a handgun inside his home during a booze-fueled argument. Schiliro had allegedly served a 20-year-old man alcohol and demanded sexual favors when the dispute broke out.

Other members and former members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns have previously been charged with felony corruptionassault of a police officer, and child sex crimes.

Another MAIG member, East Orange, N.J., Mayor Robert Bowser, suffered a major blow to his reelection campaign last month after previously sealed testimony from a discrimination suit disclosed salacious details about his alleged long-term affair with a former city hall employee.”

Every member of Bloomberg’s gun-grabbing group “Everytown for Gun Safety” has reportedly endorsed Bloomberg for President, according to Ms Loesch. They paid no attention whatsoever to his “stop and frisk” policy or his speech that revealed his attitude toward minorities. The “culture” of gun control advocates, and indeed Democrats, is one of total blindness toward truth.

Bloomberg’s money is being used to buy his way into the top tier of candidates – it’s a fraud, a fantasy, all built on lies. His slick expensive advertisements sway the uninformed and the haters of Trump. He is not ‘moderate’ in any sense of the word.

His tenure as New York Mayor  didn’t “save” its citizens. Slamming young minority men against a wall to take away their guns reveals a thought pattern of extreme control and hatred.  Mayors Against Illegal Guns is just another Bloomberg effort to deceive.

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