Mayor told step down or be recalled! Freedom of Speech?

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Mayor told to step down or be recalled- Where’s his freedom of Speech?

Superior, Wisconsin has a very thin skin when it comes to Freedom of Speech. Mayor Bruce Hagen made some comments on a picture that a friend posted on a Facebook page – not even close to some really vicious ones we’ve seen – about Michelle and Barack Obama, and now people are calling for him to resign.

“Unbelievable! She and her Muslim partner have destroyed the fabric of democracy that was so very hard fought for.”  Bruce Hagen

Ok, he got some of that wrong, the United States is a Constitutional Republic (not that you ‘d know it right now), not a democracy. But his heart is in the right place.

mayor told step down

Superior, Wisconsin Mayor Bruce Hagen

Politically Incorrect statement

The Superior City Council and University are calling for Hagen to retract his statement and resign. They said his comments could “hurt the students and made those of other faiths feel isolated.” The comments were directed toward Barack and Michelle Obama only. Screaming “Islamophobe” at the Mayor simply proves his point.

The idiots have all issued the usual intimidation of “we’re going to protest and shut down traffic.” So the police have to get involved. It’s the standard b.s. of all liberals who want to shield themselves from an opposing opinion. So they yell threaten boycotts to get their way. Much like the temper tantrums of a child. Oh, that’s right Obama does the same thing.


Hagen believes that Obama is a Muslim. Duh. People who believe he’s a Christian are deceived and ignorant. Obama favors Muslims. Muslims have infested the entire administration. He stands with the Muslim Brotherhood against other nations which have labelled them a terrorist organization.  He wants Muslim refugees, but has not allowed most Christian ones into the country. He’s a Muslim.

Hagen believes that America was founded on Christian values. Absolutely. The Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution are all based upon Judeo-Christian values, not Islamic ones. There are no reliefs anywhere on the Washington DC monuments that depict the Barbary Pirates (Muslims), the Ottoman Empire(Muslims), or Mohammad and his pedophilia. None.  There are many that depict Biblical figures.

Mayoral response

In short, Mayor Hagen should not back down. He should stand firm in the face of attempts to silence his opinion. His final statement reads, in part,

However, I like any other citizen or public official have the unalienable right to speak and represent my beliefs through the First Amendment.

To retreat from the very freedoms that are guaranteed in the Constitution and for which many millions of men and women have fought to ensure, would be wrong and the continued attack on free speech.

Yes, this nation is divided like never before. We all have our beliefs and mine is not one of being a racist. It sickens me to believe that people actually think that. Those that truly know me also know better.

My respect and support for the Office of The President is unwavering and always will be. I just very much disagree with how the current occupant of the highest office in the land is conducting the business of this nation.

The continual attempts by the left to shut down free speech should concern the entire nation.



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