Mattis to Send 800 Troops to Southern Border

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Fox News reported that Secretary of Defense James Mattis was to sign an order on Thursday sending 800 more troops to the Southern Border to assist the Department of Homeland Security in dealing with the Migrant Caravan(s). The President has classed the caravan as a national emergency.

There are already 2,100 National Guard Troops at the border, the vast majority of  which are unarmed. A surge of illegal immigrants in August brought the total of persons detained up 50% from August of 2017 according to a blog by Jamie Dupree at WSB radio.

According to Military Times, the 800 troops will not be National Guard troops, but regular active duty military. They will be there to “provide administrative duties” and the DoD did not say whether they will be armed.

“DoD is committed to continuing its support to ensure the safety and security of CBP personnel involved in border security operations, increase the effectiveness of those operations, as well as support DHS efforts to stem the tide of illegal entry into the United States.” Navy Capt. Bill Speaks, SecDef spokesman

Does the US military have capabilities that we are not utilizing for this situation?

The Army wrote in 2016,

Engineers at Picatinny Arsenal are developing technology for non-lethal crowd control designed to help protect Soldiers while minimizing collateral damage and preventing any permanent physical harm.

Engineers believe that the Solid State Active Denial Technology or SS-ADT, is highly promising for crowd dispersal, checkpoint security, perimeter security, and port protection from both mobile and fixed site applications. Other potential applications include static defense, suppression of vehicle and vessel operators or occupants, along with critical asset protection.

It is unknown whether the above research was completed. But it would be helpful for dealing with crowds the size of the caravan(s).


Featured photo via Military Times:

A Texas Guardsmen and a Customs and Border Patrol agent discuss the lay of the land April 10, 2018, on the shores of the Rio Grande River in Starr County, Texas, as part of the federal call-up to the Texas-Mexico border. The Pentagon is preparing to deploy at least 800 more troops to the border as a controversial caravan of thousands of migrants moves north. (Sgt. Mark Otte/National Guard)

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