Mattis: the Jury is Out on Women Serving in Combat Positions

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In an article in Stripes, Secretary of Defense James Mattis addressed the Virginia Military Institute on September 25, 2018. After his speech, a cadet asked him whether the integration of women into combat units was successful: he said the jury is still out. OMG – Cue the whining.

“When the most senior military leader makes it clear that this was not a policy that he supported but one that he ‘inherited’ he is tacitly endorsing efforts to undermine the success of the women currently serving in the infantry and in combat arms. He is sabotaging the efforts of his men and women who are working to integrate women, and his remarks likely put women at greater risk from those in their units who would do them harm because he has signaled that he doubts women belong in their units.” SWAN (Service Women’s Action Network)

James Mattis. Harm a member of the military? Are you daft? This is what he said:

“This is a policy that I inherited, and so far the cadre is so small, we have no data on it. We’re hoping to get data soon. There are a few stalwart young ladies who are charging into this, but they are too few.” SecDef Mattis

SWAN challenged that by saying he was undermining women in the military. How? He said there just aren’t enough women to get solid data. He has advocated requiring anyone who enters the service to meet the same standards as the male members.

Recently the Marine Corps tightened their Physical fitness requirements, making it slightly harder for both men and women, according to the Marine Corps Times. They’ve decreased the rest time between challenges – in combat there often is no rest at all between enemy barrages – so the decreased time is logical for everyone. Other changes have to do with the number of pullups, etc. Of course, SWAN calls the changes “arbitrary.”

So what’s next? It appears that a man can’t say anything at all that tampers with the feminist crowd’s viewpoint on anything. Even the legendary General James Mattis.

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