Mattis Memo to Troops Amid Gov Shutdown -“Steady as She Goes”

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The Mattis Memo – Secretary of Defense James Mattis has a way of inspiring troops to do whatever they need to do, even in the midst of a government shutdown. He is full on military through and through, and he has expectations of his troops.

Steady as she goes- hold the line

When the government shut down at midnight on January 19, he was prepared to make sure the troops knew what was expected of them. So he issued a powerful memo that spelled out how much we need them.

“Our government will shutdown at midnight tonight. We in the Department of Defense will continue carrying out our  findamental responsibility to defend our Nation and the American people.

We will continue to execute daily operations around the world – ships and submarines will remain at sea, our aircraft will continue to fly and our warfighters will continue to pursue terrorists throughout the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. While training for reservists must be curtailed, active forces will stay at their posts adapting their training to achieve the least negative impact on our readiness to fight.”

I recognize the consequences of a government shutdown. You have my personal commitment that the Department’s leaderhip will do our best to mitigate the impacts of the disruption and and financial burdens to you and your families.

Steady as she goes – hold the line. I know our Nation can count on you.”

SecDef Mattis absolutely holds that line, and believes his men and women will do the same. They will continue to protect America. The Mattis memo promises. Mattis keeps his word.


Featured photo: Just the other day, as he was locked in a traffic jam that promised to make him late to a speaking engagement,  he got out of the car ordered his staff members to do the same. Then they all walked to Johns Hopkins Advanced School of International Studies on the sidewalk. Some stupid traffic jam will not deter this warrior from his mission. He is never late. The photo was taken by his Press Secretary.



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