Matt Dolloff, Shooter in Denver Murder – Who Is He?

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The Denver police and news media have been quick to pronounce the shooter in yesterday’s murder as just a “security guard” for a local TV station. They claimed he has “no connection” to Antifa at all. But Matt Dolloff has a tattoo that says otherwise. He is a registered Democrat, supporter of Bernie Sanders. He was hired by 9News from Pinkerton – normally a reputable company. But someone failed miserably in their vetting process, or a cover up may be involved.

UPDATE: Interesting development


“We scheduled our action after learning that the militia-fascists had called a ‘patriot muster’ against the Black Lives Matter movement, anti-fascists and Marxists. That’s us — guilty as charged and happy to oblige with our presence.” Denver Communists spokesperson

Police recovered two guns at the scene, one belonging to Matt Dolloff. The other person arrested, a producer from the 9News media, was found not to be involved in the incident and released. Police say they have surveillance video of the shooting.

Dolloff reached for the victim’s pepper spray (mace sounds scarier, apparently) and got slapped. Then as the man deployed his pepper spray, Dolloff fatally shot him once. He has been charged with 1st degree murder.

The victim of yesterday’ shooting was Lee Keltner, of Crossfire Hats. He made cowboy hats.

So who exactly IS Matt Dolloff? Cover up?

Dolloff is a left wing socialist activist who often participates in “demonstrations.” According to information we received, the Denver Post originally identified the shooter as “left wing,’ but  police pressured the paper to change the description early in the evening to say that the shooter wasn’t connected to Antifa. A couple of the members of the 9News crew allegedly knew Dolloff, at least one of them being friends with him. Was this a deliberate media cover up?

Clutching the folded flag is a ploy, by the way. And not a very good one.

The Lie

The Denver Police claimed that Matt Dolloff had no connection to Antifa,  and was just a “security guard for a local TV station,” but his tattoo says otherwise.

The agenda is to cause people to see the patriots as the evil party in the protest. The Antifa/BLM group said they were having a “soup drive” which was not entirely true. They used the soup cans to attack police.

The use of niceties like “soup drive” cover the fact that these organizations are Communist antagonists who desire to destroy the nation.  At least one person yesterday went to the “soup drive” to bring a pasta dish because she thought it was “wonderful” that someone would bring soup for homeless families. She found out it was different. People are ignorant of the devices of the Communist groups.

The use of force has been in the news consistently now, primarily to knock the police. But Matt Dolloff used lethal force against pepper spray (mace), which is murder plain and simple. It was not ‘self-defense.’

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