Massachusetts Bans the Sale of ALL New AR/AK Rifles Effective Today

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Massachusetts Bans the Sale of All New AR/AK Rifles Effective Today

The anti-gun lobby calls them “assault weapons,” and no amount of convincing them that’s not what they are gets through the liberal fog. As of Wednesday, July 20,  the Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has unilaterally banned the sale of ALL new rifles like AKs, ARs, etc. Gun stores across the state are pulling every single one from their shelves.

According to The Truth About Guns, yes she can do that.The victory over the stun gun ban in March was a rousing success, as we previously reported. But from there it has all been downhill.

Massachusetts definition of “Assault Weapon.”

The MA gun law states the definition of “assault weapon.”

“Assault weapon,” shall have the same meaning as a semiautomatic assault weapon as defined in the federal Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act, 18 U.S.C. section 921(a)(30) as appearing in such section on September 13, 1994, and shall include, but not be limited to, any of the weapons, or copies or duplicates of the weapons, of any caliber, known as:

(i) Avtomat Kalashnikov (AK) (all models); (ii) Action Arms Israeli Military Industries UZI and Galil; (iii) Beretta Ar70 (SC-70); (iv) Colt AR-15; (v) Fabrique National FN/FAL, FN/LAR and FNC; (vi) SWD M-10, M-11, M-11/9 and M-12; (vi) Steyr AUG; (vii) INTRATEC TEC-9, TEC-DC9 and TEC-22; and (viii) revolving cylinder shotguns, such as, or similar to, the Street Sweeper and Striker 12; provided, however, that the term assault weapon shall not include:

(i) any of the weapons, or replicas or duplicates of such weapons, specified in appendix A to 18 U.S.C. section 922 as appearing in such appendix on September 13, 1994, as such weapons were manufactured on October 1, 1993;

(ii) any weapon that is operated by manual bolt, pump, lever or slide action; (iii) any weapon that has been rendered permanently inoperable or otherwise rendered permanently unable to be designated a semiautomatic assault weapon;

(iv) any weapon that was manufactured prior to the year 1899; (v) any weapon that is an antique or relic, theatrical prop or other weapon that is not capable of firing a projectile and which is not intended for use as a functional weapon and cannot be readily modified through a combination of available parts into an operable assault weapon;

(vi) any semiautomatic rifle that cannot accept a detachable magazine that holds more than five rounds of ammunition; or (vii) any semiautomatic shotgun that cannot hold more than five rounds of ammunition in a fixed or detachable magazine.

Massachusetts gun owners won a victory in March over stun guns, but this sets them back severely- photo composite

Mass. Attorney General’s action

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey believes they have “no business being in civilian hands.” She stated in the Boston Globe:

But gun manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to define what a “copy” or “duplicate” weapon is. They market “state compliant” copycat versions of their assault weapons to Massachusetts buyers. They sell guns without a flash suppressor or folding or telescoping stock, for example, small tweaks that do nothing to limit the lethalness of the weapon.

That will end now. On Wednesday, we are sending a directive to all gun manufacturers and dealers that makes clear that the sale of these copycat assault weapons is illegal in Massachusetts. With this directive, we will ensure we get the full protection intended when lawmakers enacted our assault weapons ban, not the watered-down version of those protections offered by gun manufacturers.

Bottom line- as of today, July 20, you can no longer buy any AR, AK or similar weapon in Massachusetts. Healey stated that they would not come after guns purchased prior to Wednesday.




  • chris

    Soon Massachusetts will say they need to ban hand guns and shot guns then all rifles but yet law enforcement is still eligible to buy them I saw preban ar15 which is legal under the grandfather clock bill but these were bran new ar15 still being sold to law enforcement I find that bs it’s one sided to make civilians weaker and the government stronger the state is trash and moving north is looking better and better every day

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