Mass Killing of Children in China

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A man attacked school children in Chaoyangpo village of Enshi city in Hubei province, China on Tuesday (our Monday), and was taken into custody. He was able to stab to death 8 elementary school children, and wound 2 others on their very first day of class. Yes, liberals mass killing of children does not require a gun, and it happens all over the world, not “just in the United States.”

The suspect, only identified as “Yu”, was released from Hubei prison last June after serving a sentence for attempted murder. Elementary school children in China range from 6 to 13 years old.

A private person in China cannot legally own a gun. But they can have knives. And mass killing of children has been increasing over the last few years, with numerous stabbing incidents on record. Yes, mass murder occurs even in totalitarian states like China. It’s not the implement, it’s the mindset.

Fox noted:

In January, 20 children were injured after a man attacked them inside an elementary school in Beijing — and in June 2018, two children were stabbed to death by a man outside an elementary school in Shanghai.

In April of last year, nine were killed and more than a dozen injured outside a middle school in northwestern Shaanxi province by an attacker who allegedly was a former pupil seeking revenge for having been bullied.

And that’s not counting the 14 children slashed in China by a knife-wielding woman back in October. Or the ones that occur in train stations or what about the 2014 mass stabbing in Kunming that killed 33 and left 143 wounded.

Some users on Twitter had some things to say:


mass stabbings in the UK. There’s a ppl problem all over the world. Also, how many shots fired during the nice france attack? How many shots fired during the china subway massacre? Hint; zero during both.” @Chitownmike312

Mass killings in schools don’t stop just because you ban guns. Apparently there has been a string of them in China. About the only thing you can expect to change is the method.” @Gaidheal_Alaska

Yep, sorry libs, you’re way off base in all the hysterical screaming for gun control. It’s the thought process of the killers, not the implement.

Featured photo screenshot via South China Morning Post


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