Mass. AG Maura Healey: “Yes America is Burning, But That’s How Forests Grow”

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Democrat Politicians. In an address to the Boston Chamber of Commerce, Massachusetts AG Maura Healey stated, “Yes, America is burning, but that’s how forests grow.” (Free Beacon)

Way to keep the division fires burning, Maura Healey. Forest fires are seriously different than society being destroyed by anarchy. Her version of history is different than reality.

Democrats are fond of using a crisis (remember that Rahm Emanuel quote about never letting a good crisis go to waste). But Ms Healey’s words were roundly condemned by the Republican Attorneys General Association:

“Maura Healey’s inflammatory rhetoric is part of the problem, not a solution. An AG is elected to uphold the rule of law and protect life and property, not to violate their oath and incite additional violence by inflaming emotions and condoning lawlessness. AG Healey has an obligation to quell fear, not incite further damage and destruction…The wrongful death of any innocent life is a tragedy. That includes George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, and now the numerous law enforcement officers and business owners who have been killed or assaulted as a result of these riots and domestic terrorism. Criminal elements have infiltrated peaceful protests, and those individuals breaking the law must be held accountable.” Jeff Landry, Chairman, Republican Attorneys General Assoc.

It is highly unlikely any of them will be held accountable. Already we’ve heard of  rioters being released immediately after arrest (Breitbart).

Racism – Hate is just hate

Let’s be honest, there is racism all over the world, including law enforcement and can be from white to black or Asian, or the other way around. I interviewed a retired black LAPD police officer who told me that his immediate commanders and partners did everything to keep him from progressing in the ranks when he first began his career. He was finally able to break free and retired at a higher level, but he was specifically held back for years. He was competant, articulate, and intelligent. Is that “institutionalized”? Maybe, but it can’t be generalized to all departments.  His experience was ridiculous based on the man’s actual performance. He was an exceptional officer.

Black police officers generally make up less than 12% of the nation’s law enforcement agencies. Even in countries where officers are both the same “color” there is racism over ethnic differences. Hate is just hate.

“So what we have to look at [is] who and how you hire. You have to look at what and how you train. You have to look at how and who is supervising your personnel. If you’re looking to actually change the culture of the profession, you have to look at the policies that are in place.” Retired Police Chief Charles P. Wilson in “Being a Black Police Officer is Hard As Hell

So as AG Maura Healey embarks on a crusade to keep the fires burning to make us all ‘grow’ like the trees in a forest, let’s remember that these riots are PLANNED.

Featured photo: Twitter, AG Maura Healey


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  • Ken

    Democrat politicians should take a step back and actually read a history book. We’re not pine trees out here.
    But if that IS the case…..
    She seems to have forgotten the quote from American founding father Thomas Jefferson: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

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