Marine Veteran Rob Jones: 31 Days, 31 Cities, 31 Marathons

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Yesterday was November 11, Veteran’s Day. It was fitting that US Marine Veteran Rob Jones completed a mission on that day: he ran 31 marathons, in 31 cities, in 31 days, including Boston and Denver. That’s 812.2 miles in a month. Why? To inspire others to give back.

Sgt Jones was a Combat Engineer in the Corps.  He enlisted in the Marines during his junior year at Virginia Tech with  Bravo Company, 4th Combat Engineer Battalion in Roanoke, VA.

In his own words:

In the Marine Corps, combat engineers are responsible for a multitude of disciplines but the primary role that I and my fellow combat engineers undertook was the use of explosives, and the detection of buried IEDs and weapons caches.

I deployed to Habbaniyah, Iraq in 2008, and again to Delaram/Sangin, Afghanistan in 2010. During my deployment to Afghanistan while operating as a part of a push into Taliban territory, I was tasked with clearing an area with a high likelihood of containing an IED. It was in this capacity that I was wounded in action by a land mine. The injury resulted in a left knee dis-articulation and a right above knee amputation of my legs.

Rob Jones retired from the Marine Corps as a Sgt. But he never gave up- and he runs to show wounded warriors that there is life after injury, and hope for the future. But running isn’t all he’s done:

He biked 5,200 miles across America.  He won a bronze medal in the Paralympics. He climbed 104  flights of stairs at the One World Trade Center in New York City. He says that he believes in “setting an example for others to follow.” He strongly feels that his recent completion of the marathons will “prove to America’s veterans that they are appreciated, and that they are not alone in their struggles.”  

He has raised $125,000 for the  charities that help wounded veterans, one of which is the Semper Fi Fund.

What’s next?  According to his Facebook Page, he took a bath and had a Pepsi, and planned to get some rest. But tomorrow is another day, and says he’ll be back in the fight with another challenge.


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  • Richard Barrett

    Awesome story! This guy is a real hero and an inspiration!


    Thank you Sgt.Jones!! We keep your picture out & continually lift you daily in prayer.
    God has used you mighty ways already- & we’re truely thankful!…But our prayer is that the BEST for you is yet to come! Thank you with ALL our hearts!
    -Philipians 1:3 & Jeremiah 29:11
    -The McCandless family

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