Marine Veteran John Vincent: Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Friend

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Marine Veteran John Vincent is in hospice care at the Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center  in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He may not have much longer to live, and had only one request: to see his beloved 5 year old Yorkie, Patch, one last time (Fox13).

He was forced to put Patch up for adoption last week when he had to be moved to hospice care. Patch will be moving to his new owner soon, but not until he got to stay goodbye to John.

The Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department got the little guy into the hospital to see his “daddy” on Thursday. Mr. Vincent has no family in New Mexico, so had to send the Yorkie to the shelter.

“Yeah, that’s me, that’s daddy. Are you so happy to see me? I’m so happy to see you.” John Vincent stated as Patch slurped his goodbye on John’s face.

Patch appeared to settle right down at the sight of his former owner.

Vincent enlisted in the Marine Corps for three years, and served in Vietnam. Patch used to accompany his owner on motorcycle rides. He even has his own tiny set of goggles to wear.

When the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department heard about Vincent’s request, they acted immediately.

“When the request came in, it was an immediate ‘absolutely,’ and let’s do whatever we can to get it done. It was as simple as getting Patch over here…It was an honor to make this veteran’s final wish come true.” Danny Nevarez, Director of  Albuquerque Animal Welfare 

There is something special about how a dog affects a human being, and veterans in particular. They know they are needed. Whether it’s a service dog, an emotional support dog, or just a companion, dogs have a special place in our hearts.

Time wrote in 2018,

“What began as a mutual-services contract between two very different species became something much more like love. None of that makes a lick of sense, but it doesn’t have to. Love rarely touches the reasoning parts of the brain. It touches the dreamy parts, the devoted parts—it touches the parts we sometimes call the heart. For many thousands of years, it’s there that our dogs have lived.”

And it’s there that Patch lives in the heart of a Vietnam Veteran named John Vincent. At the end of his life, he still longed for his beloved companion.

Semper Fi, John Vincent.

Featured photo: Albuquerque Animal Welfare


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  • Gloria Walker

    I am so touched, and — as many others, I want to know that the adorable dog is now with a new “loving” person. And if no one else claims the dog, I would love to have her or him as part of my family.

    • Faye Higbee

      Yes, Gloria, Patch is now with a new owner. He’s a cutie.

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