Marine Veteran Amputee Berated for Parking in a Handicapped Spot

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Marine Veteran Amputee Berated for Parking in a Handicapped Spot

Brandon Rumbaugh lost both legs in an IED explosion in 2009. He was attempting to rescue a wounded member of his platoon. Of anyone out there, he has the right to park in a handicapped space.

The ultimate in disrespect

But on July 17, as he was still sitting in his vehicle, his girlfriend Cassy got out first. A male customer confronted her and demanded to know what gave her the right to park in that spot.

Brandon came to her rescue only to be confronted by a snotty store employee who said,

“Why are you so upset? I’m not the reason you lost your legs. I didn’t shoot them off.”

He asked her to repeat what she just said, and she did.

Brandon posted this on his Facebook page:

Park in a handicapped spot at the Getgo on 51 near Elizabeth. See a guy waiting at the door for us to come in, I’m grabbing trash to throw away while Cassy goes in. The man confronts her instead of coming to me. Doesn’t apologize so I go in and ask him what’s wrong and then explain the situation. The worker there, who wouldn’t give me her full name is Kathy says out of no where I shouldn’t be mad because it’s not her fault I lost my legs, she didn’t shoot them off !! Real life couldn’t make this up !! She refused to let me talk to a manager and refused to give me the stores number said I could find it on my own.


Screenshot of Brandon Rumbaugh in his van


The GetGo company, Giant Eagle, Inc, ultimately fired the employee for being disrespectful.They issued this statement:

“At Giant Eagle, Inc., having respect for others is essential to how we serve our communities, and is a belief we insist each Team Member hold in the highest regard. The recent comments made by a former Elizabeth GetGo Team Member were completely inappropriate and entirely unacceptable, resulting in the Team Member’s termination. We once again extend our sincere apologies to Mr. Rumbaugh for his unfortunate experience.”

The former employee tried to justify her actions be saying that Brandon was “belligerent.” They started it, the customer and the employee. Though the company did the right thing, this speaks to the wave of disrespect and downright nastiness  that is permeating our society.

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