Marine Respect- Military Honor- as Trump Retrieves Marine’s Cover

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President Trump retrieved a US Marine’s Cover not once but twice after the wind blew it off. He knew that the Marine at the helicopter was not allowed so salute without the Cover. Had he tried to salute the other Marine, he’d have been chasing that Cover too. That he took the time to pick it up at all is a testament to his love of Marines and the military.

Here is a video of the incident.

Rick has this to say about the President’s action:

Good morning my fellow Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children! I must wake you up with a little rant after reading the idiotic comments of the “never Trump” crowd and liberals over our Awesome President returning the US Marine’s Cover after the wind caught it and blew it off his head (twice).

First, it’s not a “Hat”, it’s a Cover. I know most of you don’t know proper Military terms, especially when it relates to our uniforms. Being that we are a Veteran owned brand and social media community, I am taking the liberty to educate the few of you.

Second, all Marines, Soldiers, basically anyone in our armed forces are prohibited from the Salute without their Cover. That’s the end of that, no more if’s or buts, it’s part of our uniform code and regulations. These Marines who are assigned to the most important security detail in our Armed Forces have the highest bearing. It’s a discipline Marines must master to overcome stressful situations and challenges and hold their composure even when the world is falling apart around them.

Third, (hope this triggers the snowflakes) our 45th President Donald Trump has not only shown massive respect by going out of his way to pick up the Cover from the ground, but retrieves it a second time with a sense of urgency. Nothing was more important than our Marine missing his Cover. He didn’t send someone to pick it up, he went after it himself, clearly showing his love and respect for our Armed Forces… especially our Marines.

Last, because our President Donald Trump took it upon himself to return one Marine’s Cover not once but twice – at this point it became a logical and common sense assessment.  It was enough to then board the helicopter and continue his trip to the next important visit. He did not have to salute the second Marine for the simple fact that wind conditions did not permit it. The Air Force Aide de Camp was also hurrying him along. When you’re on the flight line, things can get complicated if you don’t stick to schedules.

After fetching one Marine’s Cover twice, saluting the second Marine under the heavy wind to fetch another Marines Cover for the 3rd time would have been stupid. Our President went beyond the call of duty to show his respect for his Marines. It was something you could never expect from Obama, especially after having his Marine security detail hold umbrellas.

Remember this?

Our 45th President loves our Armed forces and especially the Marines that guard him. Nothing else can be said about that: he shakes their hand, he gives them verbal and physical assurance that they are doing an excellent job.

Semper Fidelis, Mr President Donald J. Trump

Rick Ferran aka Tank
Communism Survivor and US Marine Veteran

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