Marine General John Kelly is Trump’s Pick for Homeland Security

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During the campaign, Trump promised to make America safe again. He’s doing it. Marine General John Kelly, 66, is his pick for the Department of Homeland Security. Trump has asked three Generals to be in his cabinet so far, which has many on the left, including some Democrat veterans worried. But it’s a formidable team he has picked to protect the United States, and the left wingers needn’t be worried.


General Kelly (Retired) has experience with the southern border as head of U.S. Southern Command, which is why Trump chose him. He is widely respected after a 40 year career in the military.

According to the Military Times,

Kelly, the former head of U.S. Southern Command, is well-regarded among Republicans on Capitol Hill and during his service sparred with President Barack Obama’s administration on a variety of security and military issues, including the attempt to shutter detention facilities at Naval Base Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. He also holds strong views on border security.

As head of Southern Command, Kelly oversaw not only the controversial prison but also military missions related to security along America’s southern border, drug and weapons trafficking from South America and Central America, and gang activity in the region.

He also boasts extensive experience in the Middle East, having spent about two years leading combat forces against the Islamic State’s Sunni Arab forerunners in Iraq’s Anbar province.

We need these men

In the movies, the military generals always try to create the military machine that wipes out the population. That narrative is what the left is worried about- the big bad generals wiping out the populace or sending them all to internment camps.  They say it’s because of the Constitutional requirement that the military be overseen by civilians.

But our southern border is particularly vulnerable, not just from illegal immigration, but jihadist entry.

“It is evident that Latin America constitutes the ideal platform for Islamic terror to target the U.S. The issue is no longer a matter of if, but rather a matter of when, attempts to target U.S. soil will materialize.” Omar Bula-Escobar in “Watch Your Backyard.”

America needs these experienced generals. Civilians at this point in time just won’t cut it.

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