Marine Corps Birthday Message from Commandant Robert Neller, Sgt Maj Ronald Green

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“To Corps, Country, and Each Other” – this year’s 243rd Birthday message from Commandant Robert Neller and Sgt Maj Ronald Green for the US Marine Corps is something special, says the Marine Corps Times. The message that many military sites used to describe as “cheesy” is transformed into a real message that may bring a tear to your eyes.

The Birthday of the United States Marine Corps is less than a week away. Throughout the month of November there will be parties, cake cutting- with a Mamesluke Sword, dancing, drinking, and general rowdiness (they’re Marines you know), although there is a particular decorum for the Birthday celebration itself. (Carefully planned pomp and circumstance for that). Afterwards, on the other hand…

Recently during the exercise Trident Juncture, Marines and Sailors “drank Iceland dry.” Yeah, they actually ran out of beer, according to the Military Times. You could call that rowdy. Or you could call it normal.

The Commandant’s video message honors the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Belleau Wood, reminding Marines of the valor, the warrior spirit of those who not only paid a heavy price, but won in spite of it.

It honors the 100th anniversary of Women in the Marine Corps, citing their dedication to duty in war time. In modern times they’ve been used in FET- or Female Engagement Teams for interacting with Muslim Security females. They’re not just ordinary women, they are Marines through and through.

The video also honors a recent US Marine who earned the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Hue City in the Vietnam War.  We previously wrote about GySgt John L. Canley here:

Semper Fi, Marines. And get ready for the 243rd Birthday bashes!

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