Marine Commander Fired For Using LGBTQ Derogatory Term

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One Marine Commander ran afoul of the world of political correctness when he used the word “faggot” or “faggoty” during a meeting with the 2/6 Battalion Landing Team leaders. Also several of his men were charged with underage drinking, and one for vandalism during a weekend liberty in Italy, according to the Marine Corps Times. A Marine Commander fired who had great potential as a warfighter.

Lt. Col. Marcus J. Mainz, the commander of 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment was fired on May 19. The official reason: “Loss of trust and confidence in his ability to command.” The reasons that have come to light reveal some insight on the state of our military today.

The 2/6 Battalion was serving as the ground unit of  the 26th MEU deployment to the Persian Gulf, Red Sea and the Horn of Africa (with the 5th Fleet). That battalion normally would fall under the II MEF out of Camp LeJeune. The battalion had been participating in military exercises called “Eager Lion.”

According to William S. Lind in the American Conservative:

The officer relieved of his command was Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Mainz. Some years ago Mainz, as a captain, was one of my students in a Fourth Generation War seminar at the Marine Corps’ Expeditionary Warfare School. He was one of the best—bright, tremendous energy, a powerful personality, and an ability to get results. These are exactly the qualities the Marine Corps needs in its leaders if it is to implement its doctrine of maneuver warfare. Now that doctrine seems to be little more than words on paper.

Mainz, through the innovative training program he implemented in his battalion, had built a substantial and devoted following throughout the Marine Corps. Now many of his admirers are giving up and putting in their paperwork to resign or retire. Their hope is gone. A Marine major said to me, “The second- and third-order effects of his dismissal are massive.”

Speaking to his Marines, as told to me, Mainz dismissed some of the administrivia that eats up much of their training time, saying something like, “We’re not going to do that faggot stuff.” A Marine understandably objected to his use of the word “faggot,” and a brigadier general ordered him relieved of his command. Of course it can’t be disputed that this was an unfortunate and inappropriate expression. A proper sanction would have been justified. But to destroy the career of one of the Corps’ best commanders for a lapsus linguae is ridiculous. Should this lapse wipe away all the good accomplished by this highly effective military leader—and all of his potential future accomplishments in a Corps that needs his leadership? And does the Marine Corps really want to put such fear into its best officers that they lose their force and swagger?

That is a very good question. Why have we traded inadvertant words for military expertise? Lt Col Mainz is not the first commander to be relieved over a spoken word. Why do we care about the “feelers” of the left wingers among the ranks of the military? Have we slipped into the snowflake military now?

This is the reason SecDef Mattis wanted to focus on warfighting. But it appears there are plenty of fools who are still more worried about other things.

A couple of the comments from readers:

Thomas wrote:

“This is the “new” military where language policing and correctness of thought is more important than ability to command. This is exactly whart was done in the Chinese and Russian military where there were people placed to expose those officers who were incorrect in their thought and manner. Political officers, not combat leaders wer ethre to enforce a correctness of thought and police the units. Next tine the $h!+ hits the fan we will pay the price for this kind of leftist insanity.”

Dave wrote:

“Wow! Great so now our elite side of the military is getting their feel feels hurt and people are getting fired. That just sucks. Our enemies don’t care about your emotions. Suck it up, buttercup and get your silly asses in line!”

Bill wrote:

“And suddenly someones fucking feelings are more important than combat readiness. FUCKING SAD!”



Featured photo: screenshot of Lt Col Mainz via US Marine Corps video in 2017

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  • Michael palmer

    Whoever complained and the one who fired him should have their asses whooped and be fired for being the biggest liberal pussies in country. Sad day for our Corps

  • Don Clark

    I betcha when the shit hits the fan no one’s feeling will be hurt when the commander says unpolitical correct terms and wins the war. Like Mattis said, the Marines cannot be burdened or used as a small experimental society when preparing to fight our country’s wars. This bullshit PC is hampering readiness and will get our Marines killed on the battlefield.

  • Jim Simms

    As a previous service Marine who served in the infantry and in combat this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Good combat Officers are one of a kind and has the Marines Corp become so political correct that a good Officer has to be sacrificed over political correctness. My hopes is that the commandant will correct this misjustice and restore the Marine Corp to what it has always been which is the finest fighting force in the world. To my knowledge the Marines always treated their men as warriors and not a bunch of pussies. I feel ashamed for the Corp.

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