Marine Barracks Washington and the Arthur Capper Senior Apartment fire.

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First there were ten Marines from Marine Barracks Washington rushing towards a three alarm fire at the Arthur Capper Senior Apartments on Wednesday. Eventually, about 100 Marines pitched in to help their elderly neighbors.

“Nobody was worried about ranks. The level of maturity, accountability and staying calm in the face of a very hectic and somewhat dangerous situation showed me that the training we do, day-in and day-out, plays a huge role.” Captain Trey Gregory, one of the first 10 Marines to the scene

The Marines displayed teamwork when the fire erupted at about 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday just behind the barracks where the Marines are based. The security force Marines were on their way to the scene within minutes, armed with radios, knowing that the people in the apartments needed their help.

“We knew we had people in there who needed help. The bottom floors weren’t too bad when we got in there, but that top floor got dicey.
Some of the residents are bedridden or paralyzed, so we picked them up and threw them over our shoulders…I remember carrying a paralyzed guy down the stairs with the colonel, a lieutenant and a gunnery sergeant. Everybody was just there to help.” Capt Gregory

Captain Gregory estimated the Marines made 30 or 40 trips in and out of the building. Capt Gregory stated that the real credit goes to the DC Fire Department and other first responders. The Fire Department is looking into whether or not the fire alarms failed.

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“There were no deaths or life-threatening injuries reported in the 162-unit complex. D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Chief Gregory Dean said Thursday that they’re looking into whether all of the fire alarms were functioning.

About 100 Marines from the Barracks eventually pitched in, some racing over with wheelchairs and stretchers. Marine logisticians also brought over food and water, so those moved out of smoke-filled units immediately had something to drink.”

Capt Gregory told that wherever Marines see a crisis, they respond, whether overseas or here at home.


Featured photo: Marines from the Barracks Washington repsonded to a fire at a neighboring senior housing complex, September 19, 2018. (US Marine Corps/Cpl Damon A. McLean)



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