Margaret Rosa King, Air Force Veteran – Will She be Alone At Her Burial?

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Hampton Roads, Texas – It’s a sad hunt for relatives of veterans who are alone at their death. Margaret Rosa King is one such veteran with no known relatives.  She will be buried at the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery in Dallas – the service is at 11:30 a.m. on May 16, 2018. And there have been Herculean efforts to find relatives…and fellow veterans to be there.

Margaret served in the Air Force from 1971 to 1975. According to WTVA, she had ties to Hampton Roads in Viriniga, and held a long list of degrees from various schools because she was said to have “enjoyed taking classes.” But when she died, she was a custodian at the University of North Texas.

Last minute leads

Margaret King was found unresponsive  next to her car on the UNT campus in September last year. The coroner’s office stated that she died of natural causes from heart disease. Since September 14, they have been tirelessly trying to find relatives to no avail.

Then on Tuesday, May 15, new leads came to light that police are investigating.

According to the Star-Telegram,

That was when UNT spokeswoman Leigh Anne Gullett said she opened an email to the school’s general news account from a person in Virginia claiming to be King’s cousin. Police are following up on that lead, Gullett said…

…Another person thinks they’ve tracked down King’s grandmother’s long-lost sister and police are checking that lead as well, Gullett said.

“None of them are local,” she said.

 Social Media

A massive social media campaign to gather veterans for her funeral ensued. The request has been shared through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, hoping that this Air Force lady will not be alone on the day of her funeral.

Local news media has also written articles.

One woman by the name of Exonia King may show up at the funeral – “just in case”  – although she does not think there is any family connection. Her name has come up as a possible relative in the searches.

Although some of the social media posts put her name as “Margaret Jones,” her name elsewhere is listed as Magaret Rosa King.

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