Manhattan Killer Sayfullo Saipov -Uzbekistan Immigrant, Uber Driver, ISIS Sympathizer

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Manhattan Killer Sayfullo Saipov came to the United States in 2010 on a special visa program in 2010 and is a “legal permanent resident.” A native of Uzbekistan, he was once an Uber driver, and had formed two commercial truck businesses, according to AP. He was an ISIS sympathizer who was reportedly “quiet” and just “went to work and came home.” He is still a terrorist.

Update: News broke on Wednesday that Saipov had cased the killing field and planned his attack for weeks.

No matter how much of a “hard worker” he supposedly was, he still jumped out of the vehicle shouting “allahu akbar” after killing 8 and injuring at least 11. Still rammed the rental truck into a school bus and injured two staff members and two children.

NY terror attack

screenshot from yesterday’s carnage

He was shot twice by an NYPD officer, and is expected to recover.

Uber is reportedly cooperating with the FBI, and told authorities that Saipov “passed all the background checks for Uber driver.” He had a failure to appear charge in Missouri in 2015, and two traffic offenses in Pennsylvania between 2012 and 2015.

ISIS sympathizer

According to NBC Saipov had moved several times.

NBC reported: “Sources said he rented the truck from a Home Depot in Passaic, drove over the George Washington Bridge and sped down the greenway for more than a dozen blocks before deliberately ramming into a school bus for children near Stuyvesant High School and P.S. 89…

Sources said that though Saipov lives in Paterson, he had a Florida license with a Tampa address on him when he was arrested. Police and federal agents were seen swarming the neighborhood street where he lived on Tuesday night as well as the Passaic Home Depot where he rented the flatbed truck and left his family minivan.”

Fox reported that left two notes claiming that he did the attack for ISIS. One note reportedly said “ISIS lives forever.”

Law enforcement officials said they discovered two notes, handwritten in Arabic, pledging loyalty to ISIS in and near the truck, Fox News has confirmed.

The New York Post reported that some type of symbol or picture of the terrorist organization’s flag was discovered.

 Actions matter

America, do not be distracted by news media who consistently want to give you the bleeding heart background of a terrorist. The grief felt yesterday by families of loved ones killed in his attack on New York City residents will not go away because of those views.

Most of the media reports spent time bashing Trump for calling this man “sick and deranged.” Saipov is decidedly those things – a terrorist who cared nothing about his victims. The Diversity Visa Program he came in on does not check into the people using it – it is a lottery only. He was the “lucky recipient” of a free residency without vetting.

President Trump has worked tirelessly to make restrictions and extreme vetting for people like this to protect Americans from the hidden dangers of radical Islam. But the activist courts continue to block him. He is advocating a merit-based system for immigrants.

Featured photo of Sayfullo Saipov from St Charles County Dept of Corrections

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