Manchester Arena Attack – Death Toll Climbs to 22

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The terror attack at the Manchester Arena last night was likely the product of a suicide bomber, according to the BBC. Twenty two people lost their lives, and at least 59 were taken to the hospital, some of whom have critical injuries. Paramedics treated 60 “walking wounded” at the scene. There are numerous people listed as “missing” after the attack. As  usual in a high profile attack, ISIS claimed responsibility, saying a “lion of the caliphate” committed the barbaric act. The suspect was identified as Salman Abedi.

The bomb detonated in the foyer area of the building as attendees were leaving after the concert. It is believed to have been a “homemade” bomb- the perpetrator is dead. Authorities are calling it a “lone wolf” at this point because even though ISIS has claimed responsibility, they have not established a connection.

BBC map


Manchester Police stated that warrants were issued and executed for two locations, Whalley Range and Fallowfield.  Police conducted a controlled explosion at one location, but found that what they were concerned about was just a pile of old clothing.

Two victims were identified this morning, one as 8 year old Saffie Roussos, and 18 year old college student Georgina Callander.

A 23 year man was taken into custody, but police later stated that he apparently had no connection to the bombing.

Last night a call went out for blood donors, but by this morning they had enough and no longer needed volunteers. The people of Manchester, like the people in other terror-affected cities around the world, put their politics aside and stepped up in the emergency. People opened their homes to unaccompanied minors. One heroic grandmother rescued 50 children. The City of Manchester is holding a vigil tonight for the victims and families of those affected by this tragedy.


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