Man Wanted for Hate Crime Opened Fire on Cops Near Miami Airport

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An AK-47 wielding man opened fire on police near the Miami International airport on Thursday evening. The ensuing shoot out with a convicted felon ended with a deceased suspect. The man, Alexander Carbadillo, was wanted for a hate crime perpetrated on Wednesday.

Police were called to the residence of Amehd Angel Olavarrieta at about 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday for a report of an assault and robbery. By Thursday, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies were hunting for the convicted felon with a gun.

According to WPLG:

“Earlier Thursday, federal, state and local authorities were searching for Alexander Carballido, a 40-year-old convicted felon who was on probation when he was accused of using a firearm to commit a crime. 

The 36-year-old victim, who is openly gay, provided detectives and Local 10 News with surveillance video showing an “angry and crazy” attacker he identified as Carballido. 

The victim, who said he drives for Uber and works as a security guard, said Carballido probably spotted him at the XXX store on LeJeune Road by the airport “because a lot of gay men go there.” He said he was there Monday.

He said Carballido likely got his phone number from a fellow Uber driver. The victim gave Carballido his address and invited him inside his home Wednesday in Allapattah.

The victim said once he was inside his home, Carballido forced him to take off his clothes, pointed a gun at him and said, “All gay men should be dead.” The victim said he continued to insult him, and as he got dressed, Carballido pistol-whipped him and took $500 in cash and thousands in jewelry. 

This is the footage of the original attack:

Carbadillo was released from prison in July after serving about 10 years for numerous felonies. His criminal record was long and violent.

Alexander Carbadillo- Deceased

According to the Miami Herald,

Less than 36 hours later, at 8:45 p.m. on Thursday, police spotted Carballido at a gas station at Northwest 57th Avenue and Flagler Street. Carballido saw them and opened fire with his assault rifle from inside his 2011 gray Nissan Altima.

Over the next 10 minutes, police and Carballido exchanged gunfire at at least four different spots as dozens of officers and agents gave chase up and down the streets of West Miami-Dade. Ultimately, spiked “stop strips” were used to pop his tires and stop the car.

The Nissan crashed into the back of a cement truck on Northwest Seventh Street near 72nd Avenue. Gunfire erupted again. Police bullets tore into Carballido’s car. He was found with the assault rifle still on his lap, a shotgun next to him on the passenger’s seat.


This one is one of several videos taken of the shootout from the Double Tree

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