Man Pulls Gun on MAGA Hat Wearers: “It’s a Good Day For You to Die.”

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Terry Pierce and his wife were shopping at Sam’s Club in Bowling Green, Kentucky on Saturday when a man flipped them off because they were wearing MAGA hats.

Police responded to the Sam’s Club at around 4:40 p.m. on Saturday after receiving a report of a man pointing at gun at a couple. Both the man and woman were wearing “Make America Great” hats.

Terry Pierce talks to WNKY- Screenshot

The suspect, identified as James Phillips, 59, told police he walked by the couple and flipped them off solely because of the hats. Mr. Pierce wasn’t too happy about the situation.

“I have as much right to wear that hat and support my country and my president as he has not to.” Terry Pierce

As Phillips walked away, Pierce walked up behind him and flipped him off as well. That’s when Phillips pulled out a Glock .40, put it in Pierce’s face and said, “It’s a good day for you to die.”

Pierce responded, “Then pull the trigger. Put the gun down and fight me or pull the trigger. Whichever one you want.”

Phillips backed up and repeated his threat. “It’s a good day for you to die.” Then he walked out to the parking lot.

Pierce followed him outside to get a picture of his license plate, and another verbal confrontation occurred. The man couldn’t leave because his mother was still in the store.

According to the Herald-Leader,

Witnesses and Pierce said Phillips drew his gun, but the weapon could not be seen on surveillance video because Phillips backed out of view of the camera, police said.

Phillips took off toward the parking lot and Pierce followed him there, he told WBKO.

“I went out the front of the store to confront him again and that’s when I got him in his car. He couldn’t leave because his mother was in the store. And we were having a verbal altercation outside,” Pierce said.

Police say Phillips had a Glock .40 caliber with a round chambered, and it was in his back pocket with two additional magazines in a cargo pocket. Phillips, of Cottontown, Tenn., was charged with wanton endangerment and placed in the Warren County Detention Center. Phillips has a concealed carry permit in Tennessee, court records say.

Mr. Pierce lucked out – challenging a leftist Trump hater could have ended with Pierce being killed. Leftists are not just vocal, they can be vicious. Ask any number of Trump supporters that have been beaten (or shot as the Congress members at the Baseball practice). Or even the Covington Boys who were minding their own business when they were suddenly treated like trash by the press, celebs, Nathan Phillips, the Black Hebrew members, and everyone else. All it takes is a red hat.

Featured photo: Mugshot of James Phillips via Warren County Detention Center

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  • MichaelW

    This is a real concern as leftists begin arming themselves. Like the person in this story they believe they are justified in defending themselves with a firearm over a difference in opinion. They are not. It will be no surprise me to learn of a shooting taking place in similar circumstances in the near future.

  • Randy Wildman

    Its time we stand up for our rights, even if it gets ugly, Pierce, good for you my man, you should charge him with a hate crime, that’s what it is, make the libtards play by there own book. Glad it all turned out good for you and your wife, God Bless and take care.

  • Caroline

    Good article. You don’t have to justify what you write. Ignore the haters.

  • Linda

    Stand up for your rights and i am with you on this to a point, don’t follow him out to his vehicle and confront him when he has threatened you with a loaded gun and could kill you. Getting the license plate was wise and that should have been it.

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