Man Jailed for Smacking Muslim Girl with Package of Bacon

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London, UK – Alex Chivers, 36, decided to smack a Muslim teenage girl in the face with a package of bacon on June 8.  On Thursday, he was sentenced to 6 months in jail. The assault came only a few days after the London Bridge and Borough Market attacks. London Police are calling this attack a “hate crime” and said that such attacks are vastly under-reported in the UK.

He shouted “ISIL scum…you deserve this” as he slapped her with the bacon.

The salty assault

Chivers approached two Muslim women  in North London and allegedly made those abusive comments, then struck the teenager in the face with a package of bacon. She was not injured, just distressed.

Chivers was sentenced to 6 months in jail for a public order offense and assault. The “Islamophobic” comments he allegedly made didn’t help his case any. He pleaded guilty to one count of racially or religiously aggravated common assault, and one count of causing racially or religiously aggravated alarm or distress.

Chivers holds up the package of bacon

He had someone film the incident, but the video is such poor quality it’s hard to tell what is happening. The man who took photos of the incident is still at large, according to Metropolitan police.  Here are a couple of screenshots of the incident:

He comes up behind these two Muslim women

He launches his attack


Fortunately for Mr. Chivers, British Islamic Sharia Courts are only for Muslims experiencing marital, financial issues, not non-Muslims committing assault…at least so far. Britain has allowed the presence of Sharia “courts” for mediating such disputes (there are 85 Sharia councils in Britain by 2017). Their definition of “dispensing justice” is nothing like we expect in the West.

According to Counter Jihad, under Sharia, assaulting a Muslim in such a manner would be subject to retribution or revenge (the Arabic word qisas). Example:

Narrated Anas: The daughter of An-Nadr slapped a girl and broke her incisor tooth. They (the relatives of that girl), came to the Prophet and he gave the order of Qisas (equality in punishment).

But Mr. Chivers’ “Islamophobic” comments were the issue that could have caused him the biggest problem. Saying something that a Muslim simply dislikes is considered slander under Sharia law. The term “Islamophobic” identifies people who have said things that Muslims do not appreciate, even if they are true. Such a situation carries capital punishment under their legal system.
Featured photo: Alex Chivers –  Metropolitan Police mugshot

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