Man Fatally Shot by Police in Marseilles, France After Stabbing Three, Another Injured by Gunfire

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Three people were stabbed by a knife-wielding man in Marseilles, France on Tuesday. At least one of them was struck in the neck and is said to be in critical condition. Police fatally shot the suspect after he reportedly pulled out a gun and opened fire. A 4th person was shot in the legs.

Local media LCI reported  that an attacker wielding a knife wounded three passersby on Tuesday at around 4:45 p.m. The incident occurred in the Canebiere district of Marseille, one of the busiest places in the central part of the city.

The perpetrator was killed in a shootout with police officers after he pointed a gun at police and opened fire. One police source told the LCI that the fourth person was injured by “bursts of bullets” in the legs. It is unclear whether those bullets were fired by the suspect or police.

Footage from the scene showed emergency responders working on someone in the street.

The suspect, listed only as “Karim L” was 36 years old and homeless. He was involved in a murder in 2003, and released from prison in October of 2018.

“It is an act of common law. There is nothing that allows, for the moment, to consider it as a terrorist act but we continue to verify. The aggressor “utters no words, no words, such as ‘Allah Akbar’ for example, to suggest a terrorist act. ” Xavier Tarabeux, Marseille Prosecutor

Though police claim there was no basis for calling it a “terror attack” many assumed he yelled “allahu akbar.” The real question is, how did a man who was in prison until just a few months ago, and even homeless (showing lack of funds) get hold of a gun in a rigidly gun-controlled nation like France? Theft? Or did he have help?

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