Malicious Prosecution Motions – Eddie Gallagher Released from Pretrial Confinement

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Several motions made by Defense attorneys for malicious prosecution Thursday resulted in Eddie Gallagher being released from pretrial confinement. The Defense also withdrew their request to have Captain Aaron Rugh recused from the case. But prosecutors are under the spotlight, and it’s hoped they will suffer for their attempts to suppress exculpatory evidence. More motions, including dismissal of the charges, are set to be heard today, Friday.

Update: Captain Rugh has removed the lead prosecutor from the case, which is scheduled to go forward on June 10.

As we previously reported, prosecutors attempted to spy on the defense and the main news media that had been covering the case- The Navy Times. They even went so far as to insert tracking software into the defense and news email to determine who they were contacting.

The narrative they have pushed or “leaked” to the media is nothing even close to what really happened.

“Gallagher’s unit was fighting with an ISIS cell holed up in a building for hours. After some time, the U.S. military used a hellfire missile to blow up the compound. The sole surviving ISIS fighter came out of the building, wounded, and was taken into custody by Iraqi forces. Several hours later, the ISIS fighter was transferred to the custody of the U.S. forces under Gallagher. Badly wounded, the ISIS fighter needed life-saving medical care. Gallagher, who is trained in emergency field medicine, per exculpatory photographs and video provided to members of Congress–and in the possession of prosecutors from day one–attempted an emergency procedure to try to save the man’s life so they could retrieve valuable intelligence from him. The ISIS fighter died.”


The cat’s out of the bag now: a video of the actual incident Mr. Gallagher is charged with was given to members of Congress. As Eddie’s brother Sean has stated all along, Eddie Gallagher was actually trying to SAVE the life of the ISIS fighter, not kill him.

It takes a special kind of cowardice to turn a life-saving situation into a war crime charge and work to destroy your own commander.

___Gallagher was given a lie detector test that he PASSED. That information was not released either to the court or to the defense.

__Gallagher was trained in field medical procedures, and was attempting to save the life of the ISIS fighter. The video is exculpatory evidence that the prosecution attempted to suppress. The video was given to Rep Duncan Hunter.

President Trump’s personal attorney, Marc Mukasey, took up the case along with Timothy Parlatore. They worked tirelessly amid the fervent attempts by the prosecution to completely destroy Navy Chief Gallagher and suppress any information that could show him as anything other than an evil war criminal. It was a case of malicious prosecution, according to the defense.

“But our family has been entrapped in what I can only call a horrific nightmare, and it definitely has been encompassed by some domestic terror unleashed on our family by NCIS who picked up the case in April of 2018. They raided our home, pulled out our kids at gunpoint into the streets in their underwear by June. So, less than 60 days on basically just rumors, lies, and hearsay is how they cobbled together this case. Ever since, we have suffered. My husband was taken out of a TBI clinic on 9/11. He was thrown in jail and he actually was in jail for seven and a half months before President Trump intervened in March.”

Andrea Gallagher to Breitbart radio on Memorial Day

How could something this egregious happen? Rep Hunter stated that it’s likely “political correctness” that has infected the military, and it’s happened “over time.” The bottom line is that our military members are trained to make war. War is messy and nasty… ask any combat veteran. But judging them according to our own “safe ans secure” laws is ludicrous and has resulted in many a warfighter thrown behind bars.

“You have the very few select guys who go outside the city gates and do bad things to bad people, and carry our U.S. flag to foreign soil, while the other 99 percent of folks sit back here and try to judge those fighters, those warriors who fight on our behalf—on the American people’s behalf. The people sitting back here, the bureaucrats, the lawyers, and the politicians, try to judge those warriors in the context of our freedom, safety, and security and rules of law back here at home. It’s happened over a period of time. It didn’t happen all of a sudden.” Rep Duncan Hunter (R-CA) to Breitbart radio

We will keep an eye on what happens at today’s motions.

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