Mainstream Media Skips Real News, Personal Habits More Important

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The Mainstream Media has nothing better to report on than nit-picky garbage about the Press Secretary and the President and anyone else in the White House. From President Trump’s “diet coke habit” and love of ice cream to Sarah Huckabee Sanders body shape and her pie-baking ability, they are desperate to find something to attack. They look for deeply personal ways to shame, attack, and belittle their marks.

April Ryan, the White House Correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, questioned the reality of a pie baked by Sarah Huckabee Sanders back in November. Instead of real news, the obnoxious hashtag #piegate circulated, accusing Sarah of posting a picture of a fake pie, as we previously reported. But that whole scenario failed on Thursday when Ms. Sanders brought in 4 home-cooked chocolate-pecan pies for the Press Corps. But don’t worry, the MSM has plenty of other things to nit-pick.

#piegate fail

That’s right, April Ryan reportedly STILL refused to eat Ms. Sander’s pie. But that’s no big deal when people like Chelsea Handler keep calling Ms. Sanders names like “harlot who wears whore lipstick.” Handler mocks her appearance, even to putting out a video that tried to shame her appearance.

And they don’t stop with just the Press Secretary- they also work overtime to try and shame the president about his eating habits, and anything else they can find.

The Two Scoops of Ice Cream,  Diet Coke,  and Watching TV

In May, the MSM complained that Donald Trump got two scoops of ice cream and everyone else got one. In September, they went on a binge about his diet Coke “habit” and posted several articles on how it was destroying his body (They’re still on that one because it wasn’t officially denied).  That’s not counting the claims that he was being drugged in his drinks (so maybe he needs an official food taster like the Kings of old?).

That’s right, by December, the msm claimed he watches TV all day long. Eight hours a day. Which, if you’ve ever read his White House schedule, you’d know that was a load of bull pucky.


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