Maine Cop-Killer John Williams Captured

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Norridgewock, Maine – Four long days later, Maine cop-killer John Williams was taken into custody on Saturday after an intense manhunt. Two hundred officers across numerous agencies searched for the man who was accused of killing Cpl Eugene Cole. The communities in the area were tense…but in the end, it was a peaceful arrest. It is unclear whether he turned himself in, or not.

WHEC reported,

Cole became the first law enforcement officer to be killed in the line of duty in nearly 30 years in Maine, leaving the community of 3,500 stunned.

Images show an exhausted and shirtless Williams being taken out of a wooded area at 1:15 p.m. He was put into the back seat of an unmarked state police vehicle and whisked away.

“I’m just glad it ended peacefully, and no one else got hurt,” said Tasha Raymond, whose kids have been forced to play indoors for the past four days.

The arrest brought some closure to the deputy’s family and relief to local residents who’ve been “on edge,” said Larry Tilton, a friend of Cole’s.

A grateful community showed their appreciation by putting up highways signs, bringing food to the searchers, and publicly thanking them on Social Media. The deputy’s wife had released a statement asking Williams to turn himself in. Had he not done so, the end of this story would have been seriously different.

The motive for his crime was said to be that the officer arrested his girlfriend a few days before the shooting.


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