Maduro’s Troops Block Humanitarian Aid From Reaching Starving Venezuelans

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Nicholas Maduro has ordered his troops to block the bridge that connects Cucuta, Colombia and San Antonio City, Venezuela. The action effectively cuts off humanitarian aid to a starving Venezuela. Reports say that the blockade was instituted on Tuesday, and cameras monitor the bridge.

The aid came from both the United States and Colombia, and included medicines, and food vital to the people of Venezuela.


The Daily Wire reported,

Guaidó has called for humanitarian aid to help feed the starving population and reportedly named Cucuta as one of three points where international aid can be delivered and collected. On Thursday, he said he will work to get the aid delivered.

“We’re going to succeed in getting this #HumanitarianAid in because it’s about saving lives!” Guaidó tweeted, adding that he and his supporters are working “every day” to obtain the humanitarian aid while Maduro is “keeping the medicines and food from those who urgently need them.”

According to Newsrep, Admiral Craig Faller (commander, SOUTHCOM) told the Senate Armed Services Committee that
“We are prepared to protect U.S. personnel and diplomatic facilities if necessary… The legitimate government of President Guaido has offered amnesty, and a place for the military forces, most of which we think would be loyal to the Constitution, not to a dictator, a place to go.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told them to let the aid through:

The State Department said that Maduro has even blocked necessary HIV medications for the 65,000 Venezuelans who need it daily to live.

The issue is that Maduro has been rejected as the “legitimate leader” both by the United States as well as over 40 other countries. He will continue his grip on power as long as he can. But a growing number of the world’s nations are no longer backing him. They have joined to state that Juan Guaido is the legitimate leader.

At this point, Maduro is protected by Cuban guards, according to Admiral Faller.

“I think it’s a good sense of where the loyalty of the Venezuelan people are, that his immediate security force is made up of Cubans…
We’ve seen reporting of Russian security forces being flown in. China’s not been helpful in a diplomatic way, I’ll leave that to the diplomats but China’s in there and they’re involved in cyber ways that are not helpful to a democratic outcome.” Admiral Craig Faller to the Senate Armed Services Committee (reported by Fox News)

Maduro continues to deny that Venezuela has any kind of crisis, despite his own people having to eat zoo animals, pets, and rats, with an inflation rate of over 1 million. “We are not beggars,” he says. His ego is killing his own countrymen, including some of his own military. How long before that situation goes awry?

US troops staging in Colombia for a potential crisis? Photo screenshot via New York Post

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