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Disclaimer: I’m not a psychologist, but I play one on the Interweb. That being said, no one in America (or in the entire world for that matter) needs to be a psychologist in order to know that Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar.

Hillary has been caught in so many lies at this point, the discussion has moved past the – “is she really lying about that?” phase into the full blown debate of why she is lying and how much damage her lies have done to our national security. Unfortunately for the Americans killed in Benghazi on her watch, the damage is already done:

Glossing over the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi that claimed the lives of four U.S. diplomats, Hillary Clinton on Wednesday night claimed that “we did not lose a single American” due to military intervention in Libya:

 “When [former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi was threatening to massacre his population, I put together a coalition that included NATO, included the Arab League, and we were able to save lives. We did not lose a single American in that action,” she said.


This latest outright, boldfaced, horrific lie is, in my opinion, proof that she lies unconsciously. Aside from her e-mail scandal, she continues to deny responsibility for Benghazi — the biggest scandal to haunt her. Her direct involvement or non-involvement depending on how you look at it, is the topic non-stop of media and government commentary and has been for two years.

The substance of the scandal is that she left the Benghazi outpost inadequately defended during a questionable mission, in a hostile foreign country that was in the midst of disintegration and civil war.

When that outpost was predictably attacked, Hillary failed to provide the forces needed to rescue our personnel, thereby causing their deaths. To these charges she so famously exclaimed “What difference does it make” a callous statement she has yet to live down.

Given these facts, does this sound like something you just “forget?” Four dead Americans including our Ambassador died in Libya and she said “we did not lose a single American.”

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Of course not. Normal people don’t forget things like being responsible for the deaths of others. But sociopaths do. They lie about things they don’t want to take responsibility for, like using an illegal computer server, to avoid justice.

They lie to shield themselves from the consequences of their behavior like little kids do when caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Except we teach little kids that lying and taking cookies without permission is wrong and involves consequences.

It’s a basic, fundamental life lesson Hillary has yet to master- basic honesty. Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar in my opinion. For Hillary there are never any consequences. We should not be considering a person with a severe personality disorder for President:

“PL is characterized by a long history (maybe lifelong) of frequent and repeated lying for which no apparent psychological motive or external benefit can be discerned,” Dr. Charles C. Dike wrote in a Psychiatric Times article titled “Pathological Lying: Symptom or Disease?” “While ordinary lies are goal-directed and are told to obtain external benefit or to avoid punishment, pathological lies often appear purposeless. In some cases, they might be self-incriminating or damaging, which makes the behavior even more incomprehensible.”


Like lying about Benghazi in an open forum where everyone watching you KNOWS you are lying, yet you can’t stop yourself. It’s almost like she is looking for psychological comfort or refuge every time she lies so she doesn’t have to own up to her crimes and failures. She always blames others for her failures, most recently General Colin Powell:

These types of politicians have a compulsive urge to lie continuously — even if there is no logical reason or obvious personal gain to be gleaned from such a stream of deception. This is the tactic Clinton seems to be using — whether knowingly or unwittingly — in her Powell debacle.

40 years of

At this point we have established Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar and most likely a sociopath. She is a raging narcissist and probably borderline psychopath which explains why her aids keep her hidden away as much as possible. She is physically sick as well probably compounding the issues. Hillary shouldn’t get anywhere near the White House or we could all be in grave danger.

For the record I’m in good health, happily married, have a good job with sound finances and in no way suicidal.



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