Luebeck – Stabbing Rampage Aboard German Bus Injures 14

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At least 14 people were injured in a mass stabbing aboard a German bus on Friday. The suspect is in custody, according to Breitbart London. Though German news agencies did not report the nationality of the suspect, Australian news reported that the man was “Iranian” and others stated that he had a “migration background.”

The incident occurred in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein in the city of Luebeck. When the man whipped out a kitchen knife from his backpack and began the stabbing rampage, the driver immediately slammed on the brakes and opened the doors, allowing the passengers to flee before he was himself targeted. Some were seriously injured, others only receive minor injuries. There were no deaths reported.

Police stated that there was a “major operation” ongoing in the area. Local police tweeted:

“Many of the passengers and witnesses left the scene before their personal details could be picked up by the police. These passengers are urged to contact the police on 0451 / 29079-319 or 0451 / 29079-303.

“We ask for your understanding that we currently do not provide any information about the identity of the suspect. It is important to us to disclose only reliable information in order not to fuel speculation and not to interfere with the investigation.

Some on Twitter expressed sarcasm at who the perpetrator was and what would be reported to the populace. The standard line is someone who is “mentally ill” and there’s “no terrorism.”

  • Leslie Black

    At first I thought this said “Lubbock”….and thought, “wait…that can’t be right!”

    Sure enough. Not Texas…but unarmed Europe.

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