Lt Aaron Allan – Police Officer Ambushed While Trying to Help a Victim

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Indiana – Lt Aaron Allan, 38, had been a police officer for nearly 20 years, with 6 years on the Southport Police Department. He was recently promoted to Lieutenant. On July 27, he was dispatched to a traffic accident in which the car had overturned. As he approached the car to try to help, one of the occupants opened fire, sending a hail of bullets toward Officer Allan that ultimately took his life.

First in line to help

Officer Allan was deeply involved in his community of Southport, Indiana. According to local news reports, he was the kind of guy who would dig in his own pocket to help someone in need. He worked with kids, having previously served as a School Resource officer for a local high school. He had been declared “Officer of the Year” twice.

“He actually had a nickname, it was Teddy Bear. It’s because he tried to act all macho, but when a citizen or someone needed help he was one of the first guys that was always there. So he got nicknamed that. He didn’t always like that nickname but it fit him. It was who he really was.” Southport Police Chief Thomas Vaughn

His desire to help others is how he was ambushed by a man in an overturned vehicle.


Eyewitnesses stated that the car hit the median while it was going too fast, and flipped on its top. According to one witness, as he hung upside down from his seatbelt, the driver opened fire on the officer who came to help him.

An officer from the Homecroft Police Department and an off-duty Johnson County sheriff’s deputy returned fire. With many shots flying through the air, other good Samaritans who had stopped to help were told to get back. Both driver and passenger were taken to the hospital.

The driver suspect was identified as Jason Brown, 28. The name of the other person in the car has not been released, but was interviewed as a witness. Brown has a criminal history.

A wife is now without her husband and two children without their father. Officer Allan had just walked his little boy to the school bus that very morning. Neither he nor his family had any inkling it would be their last time together.

R.I.P., Lt Aaron Allan.

A man named Joe Essex stands at the location near where Lt Allan was murdered. Twitter photo  @Trevor_Reports


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