Loyalty to Flag and Country. A Message From a Hispanic US Veteran Immigrant

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Loyalty to Flag and Country. A Message From a Hispanic US Veteran Immigrant

A legal Cuban immigrant, one who came to America legally, says there is no other flag but Old Glory. He is grateful for all that America has given him. And he is not alone.


The following post from Rick Ferran was placed on Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children Facebook page, and received hundreds of comments.  There are legal immigrants in the United States from all over the world who have donned the uniform and pledged their loyalty to the country who gave them freedom.

It’s in direct contrast to the illegals and ungrateful immigrants who still wave the flag of their birth country and burn the American flag. We are all Americans first and last.

Loyalty to America- No other flag but Old Glory

Here is the way I see it: I am a Cuban immigrant. I came to America legally at the age of 13, and I miss the country of my birth very much. But I will  never see it again, for my life would be in danger if  I touched Communist soil again.


Rick as a young boy in Cuba

Rick’s family the day he and his sister arrived in America. His Uncle in the picture is also a Marine.

America has given me so many opportunities and I am truly blessed beyond words to be an American. Yes, I am an American. I was given the honor to become a Marine at 17 and gave back four years of  my life… four years that became an eternity, because once a Marine always a Marine.


Lance Corporal  Rick Ferran when he was in Qatar

I am appalled on the amount of Hispanic immigrants or other immigrants who think that there is a place in this beautiful country of ours to have more loyalty for the country from which they were born.

It is hypocrisy and cowardice by those who burn the American flag while indulging in Americas freedom to do so, because we all know if they tried that circus act in their country of birth,  it would cost their lives and the lives of their family members.

These disgusting parasites that have inundated America assumed because we have a weak leadership the people of America will continue to stand idle. This is our country now. The American flag is our flag and anyone who desecrates our flag over any flag of any country is a traitor and not one of ours.. It’s that simple.

This is not being racist, or bigoted, these are the principles of loyalty for the country that has given you ten times more than the one that gave you birth. For immigrants like myself, America is my real mother.  I was abused and mistreated, I was discriminated against by the mother country and I escaped to find refuge here… In Old Glory.

I will defend my new Mother America till the day I die and its people who fight with me. If you have some sense of decency and integrity, you will understand these principles of loyalty.

Semper Fidelis till I die,


Many US veterans also posted their thoughts on loyalty and the flag. A couple of examples:

Jennifer Fredy Torres : Well said brother!! I Agree! 100% I was born in Mexico raised in Texas I enlisted at 18 went to mcrd San Diego earned the title then off to Iraq with 3/11 … I love this country iam an AMERICAN!! And i will never raise or wave any other flag except OLD GLORY!!!! Semper Fi!!!!!

Edward Rodriguez: Semper Fi brother, I am Colombian by birth
American by choice
US Marine by the grace of God

There were many other comments on the post.  People across the nations who came here legally and fought for America, all expressing their loyalty to this country. Native Americans,  people from Colombia, Romania, Mexico, Poland…they are all grateful. This land, and Old Glory belong to us all – we are Americans.


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