Louisville Riots, Two Police Shot, Suspect Arrested

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The rioters were ready after yesterday’s announcement that no murder charges were coming for the officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor. A U-Haul truck filled with riot gear was standing by immediately after the AG announcement. The faulty belief that no justice was served by arresting only one of the three officers was fueled by instigators and the media, as we reported yesterday. The ensuing Louisville riots and others across the country were planned ahead of time.

UPDATE: The names of the officers have been released.

Two Louisville police officers were shot during the riots, allegedly by suspect Larynzo Johnson, 26, who was later arrested. Both officers are said to be in stable condition at this time.

Larynzo Johnson – Sheriff photo

The policemen were shot when Larynzo Johnson allegedly opened fire with a handgun that was recovered. The two police officers were responding to crowd issues. Johnson was charged with wanton endangerment and assaulting officers. He will appear in court on Friday. They are being treated at University Hospital in Louisville and are expected to recover. One has already been released.

Not-so-organic Louisville Riots

Holly Zoller is listed as a “bail disruptor” and member of a nonprofit called “Books to Prisoners.”

The “peaceful protests” that weren’t

Reuters called the riots that ensued “mostly peaceful,” and buried the news of two police officers shot after a narrative that seemed to cover up the facts of the Taylor case.

At least 100 people were arrested during the riots.

If you thought these were “organic” protests, you would be wrong.  The rioters are well-funded and prepared ahead of time. Both Antifa and Black Lives Matter are part of the rioting…and have been for some time. They have similar goals: BLM are avowed Marxists, and Antifa are anarchists. Both want to  tear everything down.

Riots were held across the country in various cities after yesterday’s announcement. It’s not organic.  This is an agenda purposefully initiated by communist/socialist groups – and it will only get worse, no matter who is elected in November. As long as Democrats, the mainstream media, and liberals refuse to recognize the nature of these groups, it will be extremely difficult to stop them.

Keep this all in mind, America… and be prepared.


Featured photo: screenshot via Louisville video


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